Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Dawn of a New Year!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a great Christmas and may I wish you all the very best for 2008.

I make no apology for not updating this blog for a while. My little boy was diagnosed with diabetes and it knocked us all for six here as you can all imagine. Having said that, he is coping very well indeed and received a fantastic result at his last hospital check up. This (as you can imagine) made us all feel a little bit better - that we’re doing everything right for him.

Anyhow, enough of me and my family, so on with the Blog!

I truly hope you all had a great time over the festive period and have already set out your New Year’s resolutions.

2008 promises to be a great one in the history of Caernarfon as we see two big developments coming to fruition.
And just in-case you’ve been away recently let me tell you that they are the Victoria Dock complex and the Maes re-development.

We are very lucky to see these two developments going ahead at a time when the Welsh Assembly cut backs are affecting us all.
The school closures debate has been a hot one recently and one which is very close to the heart of many of you.

Nevertheless because of one thing or another, bad management perhaps? Gwynedd council has to cut back to make sure that the long term effects are not detrimental to the area as a whole. If they don’t cut back here then other essential services may be threatened too?
Perhaps now is the time to reflect on the question: Did we do right to vote for having the Assembly in the first place?

As we saw on Caernarfon Online when the official opening was screened live in Caernarfon, no one seemed interested and the screen stood alone on the Maes with no one watching.
That is a very sad reaction by Joe Public.

But getting back to Caernarfon and the negative press we keep getting, the general public must be fed up to the back teeth of all the negative hype which is being passed out by the “same old, same old” people.
I’m sure I am - and I wish that - if they hate what’s going on here so much why don’t they just pack their bags and go back home to where they come from?
Surely we must have something better here than they had in their home town? Otherwise they wouldn’t be here now would they?
There it is, I’ve got it off my chest and said what others only think!!!

2008 is election year and this time we should all go out in force to vote.

Councillors after all are there for the people, they are not there to moan in the press and then do nothing! - Any fool can do that!

Ask yourself these simple questions…. How many times have you actually SEEN your councillor on your ward?

How many times have you seen him or her doing anything except complain in the paper?

Do they hold surgeries on the ward?

Have they ever done something for you or someone you know?

Do you know who they are?

These are only a few questions which will help you make up your mind on how to vote.

Has your councillor done anything to upset you or the town?

Voted against something you felt was wrong for example?

Remember, these people are in their seats because they are representing you!

They are not there to do as they want - they are there to do as YOU want.

They are your mouth piece and not there to blow their own trumpet or hold their own hidden agendas.

Councillors (in my humble opinion) should NOT:

1. Have a business establishment in town - which could benefit from their own actions.

2. They should be under retirement age.

3. They should not ask for monies (or sit on meetings) for which they have connections with other groups (this is standard procedure but still goes on).

4. They should not be voted in just because they have always been there. (‘Being there’ does not mean they are actually doing something positive).


1. People should vote for the person and NOT the party.

2. Councillors should not wear different hats in meetings, i.e. being a chair of one organisation and taking part in other council matters.

3. Should NOT be considered for a seat if they live more than a mile from their ward.

4. Should be able to understand Welsh to a degree that they can sit in on a meeting WITHOUT the use of a translator.

Think about it, most of this is going on right now!

The good and the bad things about 2007

To finish off, I have compiled a list (below) of what I personally consider has been good or bad for the town over the last twelve months.
You may not agree with all of them but I hope you enjoy reading them all the same.

I have kept the list to 20 in each section and make no apologies for not including everything that happened.

(At least it will make it easy for the papers reporters to run their review without much research!)

Here they are in no particular order!

Have a cracking 2008.

The Good.

1. The Dock finally getting developed.

2. The Maes finally getting developed.

3. The Old Harpers restaurant finally getting developed.

4. No smoking in public buildings.

5. The small festive tv screen put up on the Maes at Christmas

6. Businesses such as the ‘Chinese herbs and spices’ and the ‘Phone Shop’ setting up in Pool Street - showing faith in the town.

7. A brand new state of the art doctors surgery in town with disabled parking

8. Papur Dre still doing well

9. Plas Pawb opening

10. Ty Ysgol development starts

11. Feed My Lambs re-building work starts

12. Mini Golf course completed at Aberforeshore

13. New CBM’s appointed

14. New set up for Hendre Neighbourhood Watch

15. Caernarfon to Cardiff Airport link

16. Caernarfon Online given leading business award by Champion fm and UPS

17. T Meirion Hughes (our Welsh website editor) wins Toast Award for Welsh language

18. Ysgol Pendalar opens in Bethel Road

19. The council’s buffet saga finally thrown out

20. The Faynol Festival

The Bad

1. Complaints against the new health centre setting up in Victoria Dock

2. Complaints about nearly everything relating to the dock

3. Complaints about just about everything by Councillor Bob Anderson

4. Councillor Arnold Bohana wishing it minuted that he was against relooking into funding for Caernarfon Town Football club

5. Caernarfon Christmas tree fixed on a building site

6. The Assembly’s poor settlement for Gwynedd

7. Resulting in School closures

8. Caernarfon By Pass

9. Lack of support by local businesses by not being a part of the Chamber of Trade

10. Negative press by local reporters

11. Christmas - free parking scrapped

12. Talk of higher council taxes

13. 6 New Town Guides promised but not delivered or published in any way

14. Town council charges OAP’s for use of kettle

15. Hundreds miss out through incorrect information given for the location for Veterans day

16. Plaid Cymru stabs Richard Morris Jones in the back

17. Labour’s Martin Eaglestone loses yet another election

18. Thousands of pounds wasted in trying to solve the riddle of a £200 buffet

19. The Big Wheel

20. Plas Maesincla mess ignored by councillors

More from me in 2008

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Bangor Retail Forum lead the way!

Hi Everyone,

This will be the last Blog entry until mid November as we are carrying out essential maintenance on the website.

Nevertheless, I felt the need to say something about the recent Bangor Business Forum meeting.

It seems that the Caernarfon Chamber of Trade exists in name only (once again) and is lacking any true membership from Caernarfon businesses.

Less than 5% of businesses in the town itself are members and we seem to have yet again taken a backward step.

Having worked with this group in the past, I realise how difficult it is to get things moving.

But in that time, we were able to re-invent Caernarfon with bright and colourful Welsh Flags on shops during the summer season.

We even persuaded some shops to erect hanging baskets and Christmas trees. We also produced a brand new Caernarfon Town Guide for the first time in years. Such a shame that the work is not being continued!

The people who did nothing but complain when we last set up the organisation have done nothing themselves this year and it is so disappointing to see things going so wrong so fast.

When we relaunched the Chamber all those years ago, we decided to hold an open meeting and we invited members of Gwynedd Council, The Town Clerk and Mayor were there representing the council and Officers from North Wales Police also took part.

The meeting was very well attended and even though one or two tried to sabotage proceedings, it was a very successful and meaningful meeting where businesses could ask relevant questions to those present.

This week the Bangor Business Forum did exactly the same and it proved to be just as successful.

The Chairman had arranged for Officers of Gwynedd Council to take questions from the business sector.

You can read all about it on the website.

I applaud what they have done and only live and hope that the 'so called' Chamber in Caernarfon can do something the same.

I would guess that. like me, you are all fed up to the back teeth of the same old, same old whingers complaining of this and that and doing very little about it.

This could be the wake up call for these guys to get their act together and hopefully with Watkin Jones setting up a brand new Town Manager in the Victoria Dock complex this week.

She will be able to do something positive to help bring the business sector together.

We need the business sector to be strong and united. otherwise what is the point of a Chamber who speaks for only a half dozen or so people?

It would be good fromthem to put their cards on the table for once and show how many paid up members they represent.

Check out the full summary of the Bangor Business Forum on

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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Controversial statement

Drugs photo taken at Llanbeblig Caernarfon

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of updates to this Blog, this was unfortunately down to a family illness, which restricted my input. I hope you all understand.

Drug takers and a stupid statement

I have decided to have a little say on the statements made by Mr Richard Brunstrum this week.

But before I start I would like to point out that usually, I have a lot of time for Mr Brunstrum, he is very forward thinking and unfazed by public opinion. Obviously his zero tolerance on speeding in North Wales is a little over the top and one of the strictest in the country, but it seems to have had an impact on our driving and many re think before stamping on the accelerator since the campaign started.

However I am disappointed with Mr Brunstrum's latest statement about Class A drugs!
It seems that Mr Brunstrum wants to campaign about legalising hard drugs such as Heroine etc.
The reason behind this may be to reduce crime figures and stop drug abusers stealing to feed their habit. Or if he can give us a better explanation then I'd like to hear it.

Has it occurred to him the havoc these abusers put on members of their own families, friends and members of the public?

A few years back residents of Pool Lane in Caernarfon (of which I am one) had to suffer the daily indignity of having to converse with these people when they were 'under the influence.

A 'do gooder' had decided to illegally set up a soup kitchen in our street and on this occasion we were fortunate enough to close them down as planning permission for this had not been granted.

The leader of the 'Hafan' lived in Rhosbodrual and when we approached him about the matter, he continually showed no concern that we had to live with needles put through or doors and canisters of methadone and other substances were scattered all over our street.

We were met with druggies begging for money on a daily basis and threats and abuse were a common occurrence.
Councillors were useless and did nothing when we complained, it was only through the eventual involvement of Ioan Thomas (who was Mayor at the time) that something was eventually done.

I asked the manager of the Hafan would he like these people on his door step? He answered that they had to go somewhere and was only trying to help. But where was the help for us, we were all innocent in all this? Obviously he did not have an answer and seemed to care even less.

This year I was unfortunate enough to come across another drug abuser who had Over Dosed and was lying unconscious on the floor of the toilets at Slate Quay.
I had to put him in the recovery position and try to ensure his airways remained clear (whilst being talked through it all by mobile phone by the paramedic team, this I had to do until the paramedics arrived.

The next day, I called the hospital to see how he was getting on and learnt that he had been discharged. A few days later he was seen in the same state on a bench in Bontnewydd.
It seemed he had learnt very little from his 'near death' experience and no doubt is still unaware of my help.

Why should we have to endure all this? Why should we care when the Chief of Police makes this incredible statement?

If it is only about balancing his figures, then he should be ashamed of himself.
I for one (if faced with saving someone like this again) may indeed next time turn a blind eye and leave him there to rot.

The last time I didn't, the last time I chose to help, next time I may not....After all why should I care?

See you all soon and drug free I hope!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Y Maes

At long last, the Maes is finally going to get it's makeover.
Work is due to start as I write, and will take around 18 months to complete.
Locals have long maintained that the town needed a face lift and this along with the work at the dock, courthouse, St Helen's Road, repair work to the 'Old Harpers' shop, 'Plas Bowman' and even the old 'Ddraig Goch' finally shows some work being carried out in town.

The Maes
The Maes itself is to have a major face lift and we have already shown the plans here online.
The major concerns will be the access to and from the town and how residents and shop keepers are going to cope while the building work is in progress.

Because of the time scale involved AND the fact that roads will be closed during this time, major disruptions are going to have to be sorted and we can expect quite a bit of noise made by business owners and residents alike.

Victoria Dock
The New complex is growing by the day and last week an official opening of stage one was held. This allows locals and visitors to see the work close up and I urge anyone who hasn't been to the site to take a look around. It feels like you are in a totally new world and hard to imagine that all this is here in Caernarfon and so close to the town centre.

Work at the old Harpers restaurant in Bridge Street is well underway and already the roof has had a total face lift. For years this building has been a real eye sore in town and at long last it is like a breath of fresh air that work is in full swing.
Unfortunately, the traffic disruption here too is going to add to the strains of traffic movement in town.

Ddraig Goch
This shop is situated under the old clock and just outside the town walls. It is in a prime location and again has been in a sorry state for a number of years. The building work is nearing completion and restoring the building to it's former glory is a lengthy task. The same builder will shortly be working on the old House on the grounds of Llanbeblig Church on Llanberis Road.

The New Courthouse
The new courthouse on Llanberis Road (site of the former Segontium School) is also coming along nicely. As far as we are aware, the work is near schedule and already looks like being an impressive building. We will be reporting on this shortly.

Feed My Lambs
Feed My Lambs has also received a large grant and work will shortly be starting in restoring this building too. We would like to tell you more on this, but unfortunately, no one from this organisation has contacted us and that is such a shame as many of you have asked us for more info especially ex pats.

Well there you go, that's how things stand at the moment. I'll fill you in on more as it comes in.

See you all here soooon.
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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Victoria Dock and the message board

Hi Everyone,
I'm so sorry that I've not filled in the Blog more over the last few days, but as you can see we've been very busy here at COL.

The Message Board
The Message board has been very active recently and hot on the debate is the Victoria Dock Hotel issue. Heated but fair and people writing with some passion on the subject. I have kept out of it myself and last night councillors voted yes to Travel Lodge setting up in town. In fairness to councillors, on this occasion, their hands were tied on this issue as there were no planning irregularities in the application and it was passed with no hiccups.

Time will tell how things work out, but I must say the left side of the dock really looks impressive now and although there is quite some work to do, I don't think work is too far behind schedule. Watkin Jones want to work with the business sector and it is really up to them to get involved in talks so that any of their concerns can be addressed and how the dock and other parts of town can work for the good of everyone.

Caernarfon Online have been invited to a unique preview of the first element of the dock on Friday September 14th and we will give you an insight into what the new complex looks like. See it all here first as we will published on the same day as we visit.

Well that's all for now, see you sooooooon!

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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Faenol Festival

Hi everyone!
Well, what a weekend! Only now recovering from one of the best ever festival's held at the Faynol.
Before I go on I'd like to thank the following people for their help and participation during the event.
First of all a big thanks to Bryn Terfel for putting on yet another wonderful show. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the first night and the Musicals evening.
Thanks also to Angharad Wynne who looked after us all every evening. A true professional and made life as easy as possible for us in the photo pit and backstage.
Thanks also goes to all the photographers present who shared a joke and a chat whilst waiting for the acts to come on. A special thanks to Gerallt who gave me some advice on cameras, apertures, shutter speeds and lenses.
Finally not forgetting Kev bach and Zowie from Champion fm for keeping Meriel company whilst I was taking photos.

Those of you lucky enough to be there on any evening no doubt enjoyed yourselves immensely and we can only look forward to next year's event. How Bryn will top this year's performance is had to comprehend, but this he has to do and this he has done year after year.

In Brief: my thoughts:

1st night
Jamelia looking good in casuals (because her costume had been damaged in transit).
Shayne Ward singing the Darkness classic
Being able to go backstage to take photos of Shayne and Bryn
Girls Aloud for being Girls Aloud!

Down side:
Only being allowed to take photos of Jamelia and Girls Aloud during the first three songs. This is a nightmare for photographers as everyone is looking for a good shot and with the spotlights constantly shining directly in your face, obtaining a good shot in a short space of time is made more difficult.

2nd night
Being able to take your time with photos and allowed to take photos with no restrictions.
Being able to go backstage to take photos of Bryn with all the Opera Stars.

Down Side
Having no 'culture' and not being a fan of Opera!

3rd night
Brilliant performances by everyone
Michael singing the Queen classic 'Show must go on'
The none stop link from song to song

Down side
The cold weather and no large size sweat shirts left to buy at the market stalls!

4th night
Receiving a pass to the BBC Cymru hospitality Marquee for drinks and a welcome reception
The awesome entrance from Bryn Fon including a rain coat, hat and umbrella (in anticipation of rain!!!)
The second stage for acts, so that the main stage could be set up for the next act, thus ensuring continuity.
No restrictions on photo taking
The fantastic response given by the audience to local band Frisbee

Down Side
Not enjoying the 'Welsh music scene' as much as everyone else present

Marks out of Ten?


Well done Bryn, once again you did us proud!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

A breath of French Air

It was so good to see the Maes full of people this week.
After a truly dismal summer with the weather not helping us at all, the Maes was creaking with people visiting the French market.
I for one was pleased to see the Caernarfon 'Eye Sore' removed this week and Caernarfon return to normality.
As a World Heritage Site the Maes is certainly not the place for such a monstrosity and if this is to return in future, I for one, hope the council re-considers its location and places it somewhere far away from our historic treasure.

It was so pleasing to see the town this week looking as it should look - A Market Town!

Market problem
There seems to be a problem at the moment as to what day the market should be allowed to trade. The traders want to see if a change from Monday to Tuesday would be of benefit to them and the punters. This resulted in a confusion that saw the Market on the Maes for Sat, Mon and Tues!
Never the less, I was still a little bit surprised that a former market trader who now has a business in town decided to attack the current market traders.

Working together
It is not difficult to see that all the town's businesses should be working together (Including the market traders) and this should be for the good of the town.

The Bangor Business Forum seem to have the right idea of how to get businesses together and perhaps we should learn from this.
Everyone wants to make a living, but it seems that Caernarfon has far too many barriers and hidden agendas.
It's time to stop bickering and have a plan of action.

Not many members
Week in week out we hear a statement from the Chamber of Trade about different subjects.
I know from experience how difficult it is to get businesses on board this organisation.
Of those who used to pay subscriptions, not many were interested or had the time to attend meetings.
Oh yes, one or two had a moan even when we re launched it a few years back after it had been in moth balls for years since, but these people were the ones who had failed in the past and never did anything except attack those who tried.

It would be interesting to know which businesses the Chamber of Trade represent?
Of the businesses in Pool Street only 2 said they belonged to the group and most insisted they were not interested in what they were doing.
The same could be said for the rest of the town.
None of the larger stores we asked were involved in any way or form.
Tesco, Morrisons, Argos, Ethel Austin, W.H.Smith, McDonalds, KFC, New Look etc
For the Chamber to be successful, they need people to be involved, otherwise they don't represent the majority of businesses. At the moment this is the case.

This is a sad state of affairs and until we have an organisation working for the good of the town (and with this I mean WORKING and not moaning in the press) then the Caernarfon business sector will never have a strong voice.
Having a French Market is a step in the right direction, we need more things of this nature and learn from Bangor, Llandudno and Llanberis to name but a few.

See you soon!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Ty Gobaith

Hi everyone,
I was sent this today and hope you will all take notice and try to help.
Most of you will know all about Ty Gobaith already, so I hope you take notice.

Here is the message I received in both English and Welsh.

Dear Friends,

My name is Katrina Cameron and I work with the local community and businesses to help raise much needed funds for Ty Gobaith, the only children’s hospice in North Wales .

Tŷ Gobaith provides respite and terminal care for seriously ill children. We depend largely upon voluntary income to fund our vital services, and donations such as yours are essential to us. We need to raise in excess of £1 million each year to fund Tŷ Gobaith in North Wales .

We also provide care and support to families in their own homes and bereavement counselling for as long as it is needed.
None of the work that we do would be possible without the help of donors such as you, and we are very grateful to you.

I would like the opportunity to discuss with you how your club can make a difference to the short and precious lives of local children. Perhaps you hold annual fun days, or entertainment nights in your social club or we could even discuss having a Ty Gobaith day and we would benefit from tickets on the gate.
In return I would love to generate as much PR and press coverage as a thank you for supporting us.

If you would like to find out more or arrange a meeting please contact me at the Appeals Office on 01492 596 581.

Thank you very much and I hope to discuss how you can help out local children’s hospice very soon.

Katrina Cameron
Appeals Organiser

Annwyl Gyfeillion

Fy enw yw Katrina Cameron ac rwyf yn gweithio i godi arian hanfodol gyda’r gymdeithas a busnesau lleol, ar ran Ty Gobaith, yr unig hosbis i blant yng Ngogledd Cymru.

Mae Tŷ Gobaith yn darparu gofal seibiant a therfynnol i blant nad ydynt yn mynd i dyfu i fyny i fod yn oedolion, ynghyd a chefnogaeth ymarferol ac emosiynol i’w teuluoedd unâi yn yr hosbis, neu un eu cartref. Rydym fwy neu lai yn ddibynnol ar gyfraniadau gwirfoddol i ffynu ein gwasanaethau, a rhaid inni godi dros £1 miliwn yn flynyddol ar gyfer ein gofal arbennig.

Ni all dim o’r gwaith yr ydym yn ei wneud fod yn bosib heb gymorth gyfranogwyr fel chi, ac rydym yn ddiolchgar iawn.

Buaswn yn hoffi cymeryd y cyfle i drafod syt y buasau eich clwb yn gallu gwneud gwahaniaeth i blant terfynol wael a byr eu hoes. Wyrach y gellwch ddal Diwrnod Hwyl Blynyddol, neu Nosweithiau Adloniant yn eich Clwb Cymdeithasol, neu gallwn drafod cael Diwrnod i Dŷ Gobaith a’r elwa yn dod o’r tocynnau.

Carwn gynhyrchu hysbysebion yn y wasg i ddiolch am eich cynhaliaeth.

Os hoffwch fod mewn cysylltiad i gael mwy o wybodaeth, neu i drefnu cyfarfod, cysylltwch a fi ar y ffon yn y Swyddfa Apeliadau 01492 596581.

Gobeithiaf y gallwn drafod sut i helpu ein hosbis plant lleol yn fuan iawn. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Eiddoch yn gywir

Katrina Cameron
Trefnydd Apeliadau
Tŷ Gobaith,
Appeals Office, Vale Road , Llandudno Junction,
LL31 9SH
01492 596 581
07872 378 084

See you Sooon!

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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Faenol Competition

Hi Everyone,

Well, if you are like me, you will be looking forward to this year Faenol Festival with great anticipation. Once again local boy Bryn has pulled out all the stops to make this years event one to top even the last one.

How can you follow up West Life? Simple, by having Girls Aloud, Jamelia AND Shane Ward on the same billing and that's only the opening night!

Once again we plan on giving you all the photos as they happen. Newspapers can't compete, because of their limited space and deadlines. Our Feanol coverage has been well received by our visitors every year and we plan on making this year's coverage the best yet!

If you haven't done so already check out our coverage website on to read up on what's happening and the stars profiles etc.

This year we are lucky enough to be able to offer you two free tickets for EVERY night (including seated tix for the Girls Aloud concert!)

However, we did not expect such a massive response as we have up to now, with people from ALL OVER the UK entering. We have literally received hundreds of entries and we will announce the winners on our Faenol website after the closing date (18th Aug). If you haven't entered yet then there is still time and remember only one entry per address. We received 50 entries from one person (unfortunately only one can be accepted).

We have also asked people to tell us which night they would like tickets for and this is how the percentage works out to date:

38% opt for Girls Aloud, 30% for the Musicals, 18% for the Opera Evening and 14% for Tan y Ddraig.

The figures doesn't necessarily mean that this is how ticket sales are going, it merely shows what OUR visitors want.

Best of luck to all of you who have entered and we look forward to seeing you there on the night.

See you all sooooon!

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North Wales People

Hi Everyone,
What a breath of fresh air. A brand new paper/magazine for the area and all done by a local lad.
Ian Edwards a former journalist with The Herald has just launched his brand new paper called North Wales People!
Refreshing and colourful, the venture looks like becoming a really good seller as it covers locals from different parts of the community.

For far too long Caernarfon has had to rely on one media for the town. Then came Gwynedd Leader (which later changed to the Bangor and Caernarfon Chronicle).
Caernarfon Online was set up in 1999 followed quickly by Papur Dre (our very own local Welsh paper) and then came publications such as Gwynedd Council's own magazine delivered free to all homes, and now we have this excellent publication N W People.
I hope you will all embrace it as much as you have done COL and Papur Dre!

The new paper is out every month and we hope to let you know what's going in the next issue here on the town's website as soon as we hear from Ian each month.

Copies can be bought at nearly all the good Independent paper sellers and costs just 65p!
If you have problems getting your copy, then email us here at COL and we will make sure you get one. (Same applies to Papur Dre).
All that's left for me to say is Da Iawn Ian! and wish him all the best with his new business.

See you soon!

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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Simpsons Movie

Yesterday, I went with the family to see the new Simpsons movie.
Well worth a viewing, if you need a laugh.
A quick visit to the Simpsons movie website will give you loads of extra fun too.
Here's my attempt at building my very own Avitar.

I give you 'Gart' Simpson!

See you soon!

What a week!

Hi Everyone,

Football Match for Caernarfon Wanderers

I am typing this with one hand (so aplgs 4any typos).
I was foolish enough to play a charity Footie match last week in aid of Caernarfon Wanderers and even though I enjoyed myself immensely, I was hacked down in the last few minutes and suffered a dislocated shoulder. I have convinced myself that it was the only way they could stop us and the match ended in a well balanced 4-4 result.
It looks as if the Caernarfon Wanderers set up is very good and they can now look forward to an excellent first season playing at Cae Top in Caernarfon.

Faenol Festival

Caernarfon Online is buzzing with the line up of this years Faenol Event. We have been covering this event for the last four years and this year promises to be a cracker. Read all about it on and enter our completely free to enter competition for tickets to EVERY night! No need to even pay for a stamp.
Girls Aloud open the proceedings and we hope to bring you some great photos of the girls on stage.

Caernarfon Festival
This years Caernarfon Festival has just ended and we again provided them with their fantastic website Unfortunately this years event did not finish with the traditional pram race due to health and safety issues.
The organisers would like more help from locals and if you are willing to help out, then please contact me here at Caernarfon Online and I will put you in touch with Glyn who currently organises the event. It would be good if we could have a Carnival Parade in town again like we used to have years ago. Check out these You tube links to see footage of the 1983 Parade and ceremony at the Castle. Courtesy of Andrew of Caernarfon (Thanks Andrew).

Caernarfon Carnival Queen 1983

Parade Part 1

Part 2

I hope you enjoy watching the vids as much as I did.
See you soon!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Champion 103FM Toast Awards 2007

Hi Everyone,
Last Thursday we were lucky enough to be invited to a Gala Dinner at Galeri to find 'Local Heroes'.
All this month our local radio station Champion 103FM have been urging us all to vote for our hero's and heroines.
As Editor of Caernarfon Online I did just that and nominated our very own T Meirion Hughes for the Welsh Language Award.

Those of you who have lived in Caernarfon all their lives or gets 'Papur Dre' each month will know exactly who Meirion is and those of you who are regulars to our ALL Welsh website will indeed be familiar with him too.

Meirion and I have been working hard lately on enhancing and changing the design of our 'Did you Know?' website.
This has been built to replace the unfunded Features Website (Long story).

Meirion is a Local Historian with vast knowledge of the town and his help is priceless.

Take a look at the site on and you will find that Meirion is now interactive as the site allows you to ask him historical questions about the town.
Anyway, I am getting off the subject here slightly as I was telling you all about the Toast Awards.
Oh yes, I remember now, I was telling you that I nominated Meirion for the Welsh Language Award.
Well not only was he nominated and short listed, but he won it as well!
So our congratulations goes to him.
He is a worthy winner of the first ever Champion 103 Welsh Language Toast Award winner!

You can check out the full story here
or you can check out Meirion winning his award on video by clicking this link. Hey, and a great speech by yours truly to boot!

The evening was truly well organised and promises to be the biggest Award ceremony of the year. Let's hope this is the beginning of an Annual Event that everyone wants to win!

Meirion is a very modest man and I can tell you he was over the moon with the Award and is credit to all the hard work he does for Caernarfon and the Welsh Language.

I visited Ysgol Hendre with Meirion this week to give talk on the History of Caernarfon to pupils of Blwyddyn 3. I must say, I enjoyed it as much as the kids and teachers did. At the end of the presentation, the children were allowed to ask questions to Meirion about Caernarfon. They (and I) were amazed at how quick the answers came out.

Only one stumping him, which was "What was at the Oval before it was the Oval" Meirion had to admit he didn't know as this was more recent than his historical knowledge went back to. At a guess I would say that it is a field now and most probably it was a field of some sort before then.

See you all soon!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Shame - Shame - Shame again!

Hi Everyone,
Just having highlighted the very disappointing attire of Councillor Arnold Bohana at the Veteran's Day Ceremony. I find that he may be forgiven, for it seems he is in keeping with the disappointing look the town is developing.

Many of you have emailed COL again and again to complain about the state our streets at weekends.
Not one to frequent the town's pubs anymore, I don't often venture out on a Saturday night. Even less so when the footie season starts back.

This weekend though, I went down to cover the 'Beating the Retreat' at Slate Quay for the website.
You can see a video of it on Caernarfon Online plus some photos of the day as well.

However, on the way home I was amazed to see how much mess had been thrown on Pool Street! This was not down to the ceremony as this was not in Slate Quay!

And it's no good blaming the council for not clearing the mess..... We, the citizens of this town are ultimately responsible!
Who are these louts who trash out streets each week?
What's the point of business owners trying to make their premises look nice if this is how WE treat our streets?

We should be proud of our town and we should all try to set a good example to others (are you listening Arnold?).

Just look at the photos I took...... Are you proud to say you live in a town like this?
We should ALL be trying to make a difference, from our councillors to our kids.

Next Time you louts - BIN IT!

By the way well done to the proprietors of the Ship and Castle on Bangor Street.

Last week they finished a fine paint job on the building at it really looks good on the High Street. It's a shame that other people don't have as much pride and litter the town so much.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Shame, Shame, Shame!

Hi Everyone,

At the weekend I was working, covering the Veteran's day for the website and enjoyed the day immensely.
Despite some hitches due to people going to the wrong place for the service etc, the event itself was a well presented with the Veterans and old Comrades there in force!

Old soldiers proudly wearing their polished medals, senior citizens with polished boots and the forces pulling out all the stops in making it a day to be remembered.
People had travelled from all over North Wales to be present on the day.
Nearly all the guests were well turned out, councillors and dignitaries in smart clothes including dresses and suits for the women and ties and jackets for the men. All except one that is!

More than one person commented that Councillor Arnold Bohana had made little or no effort and turned up in his casual everyday wear. Many in the crowd passed remarks with one was even commenting that it was "disrespectful of those who had fought for our freedom".

His attire was more suited to a night at the pub or a football match and this should make the council, mayor or whoever demand that councillors should adhere to a smart dress code as representatives of out town. It seemed that everyone else had made an effort.

Perhaps by naming and shaming, this will not happen again and never should it!

I hope Mr Bohana makes a noise about this article as it highlights his lack of effort.
Shame on him and perhaps a message to the Town Council here?

I would like to point out that all the other councillors had made an effort, mayors and officers of high standing were present (which unfortunately showed him up even more).

Civic duties like this should demand that our councillors turn out in smart dress. But then again they shouldn't need telling should they?

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Caernarfon Community Profile

Hi Again,

Caernarfon Online and have recently been sent a questionnaire on behalf of CADW to give our thoughts on the effect of the castle, town walls, heritage status effects the local economy and community. We understand Gwynedd Councillors have also been contacted, as well as others with direct involvement within the community.

Shortly, the castle will be visited by a representative of the World Heritage group and concerns have already been raised about the 'Caernarfon Eye Sore' (as it has been dubbed by locals) being placed so close to the castle and we really hope this does not affect the visit in any way.

We will look at the questionnaire very carefully before sending in our input and we hope councillors and others who have received the same, take great care in sending in their replies.

We all have our own opinion about the town and the correct way forward for it.
Personally I don't think it's right for the town to put the Market Traders business in jeopardy and many of them have complained about the loss in trade following last years fiasco.
The Town has a certain standard to uphold and to have the 'Caernarfon Eye Sore' so close to the castle is an outrage. I, for one, hope it doesn't have a negative effect on the town and our status!

Here is a copy of the letter we received.

Dear Mr Edwards Caernarfon Online,

We have recently been commissioned by CADW, the Welsh Assembly Government’s Historic Environment Service, to profile communities living near to monuments in its care. The purpose of this exercise is to provide CADW with information about the characteristics of the local community, including interests and activities, as well as the difficulties and opportunities that matter most to it. This information will help CADW to establish priorities for the monuments in their care. It is also hoped that the community profiles will inform and enhance partnership working in the local area.
As part of the community profiling process, we would like to consult local stakeholders such as yourself in order to improve our understanding of Caernarfon Castle and Town Walls and their standing within the community. We have designed a short questionnaire to support this consultation, which you will find attached to this email. We would be extremely grateful if you could complete the questionnaire and return it to us by Friday 20th July 2007. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch, either by phone or by email.
Thank you in advance for participating in this consultation. Your views are very important to us.

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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Politics -who needs it?

I have never understood politics or politicians - and I hope I never do!

When you think something is set in stone, you find it is actually set in jelly.
Why am I talking gibberish?
Well I thought I'd join in with the others when I found that Plaid have just elected to have another candidate take the place of one who has been established in his seat for 20 years!!!!
A very clever and cunning move???

I must be missing the point here as I don't have a clue what's going on....
Can anyone explain it to me?

In brief:

1. Richard Morris Jones is the elected councillor for the Menai Ward in Caernarfon and has been for nearly 20 years.

2. Plaid chose another candidate to stand for his seat in next years elections.

3. The candidate they chose lost the election on another ward.

4. Plaid now face losing their seat and a long standing party member to the Independents.

5. The councillor who holds the seat 'foul mouths' his party in a popular Welsh Magazine
Has the world gone crazy? There must be more to this than meets the eye..... mustn't there?

We know that not all Plaid members/councillors are happy with an alliance with Labour and that not all the Labour members/councillors are happy with it either, but what other alternative did they have without losing everything?

Surely this is not enough to cause this split? Is it?

And the lame excuse that candidates has a better chance to win the election if they live on the ward doesn't wash either. It never has and never will.
It makes no difference if one candidates lives half a mile from the ward and the other is on the ward.
As I'm sure it makes no difference if any of the candidates don't come from Caernarfon..... Does it?

This extraordinary saga is only the tip of the ice berg, which could be disastrous to both parties.

Plaid could lose their seat if Richard Morris Jones decides to run and is popular with his constituents.

Plaid could then lose him as a Town Councillor and his wife (if she decides to stand by him in protest). Which means two town councillors less for Plaid. (Not that anyone takes notice of the Town Council any more, a council with no powers and made a laughing stock over a four year old buffet, but that's another story).

Richard Morris Jones could stand as an Independent and learn that people have been voting for the party all these years (and not for the man), and subsequently loses his seat.

If he stands as an Independent, will this mean that he will then lose the support of his fellow Plaid Councillors and not elected Mayor next year. (He is currently the Deputy Mayor).

He could also lose his seat on the town council (who?) if people have been voting Plaid and not the man.

What is certain is that if Richard Morris Jones steps down as a member of Plaid (of which he has been a part of since he was 14 yrs of age). Then Plaid will almost definitely put up another candidate to fight for the seat on the town council.
Complicated stuff, but the fact remains, Plaid think they have a better chance with a candidate who lost the last election on the Seiont Ward (3rd) than with a candidate who has served the ward for nearly 20 years!

Which raises the question. why doesn't Labour put up two time loser Tecwyn Thomas for election on the Menai Ward, He has tried unsuccessfully nearly everywhere else!!!!!

Politics eh? Who needs it?

Richard Morris Jones must feel that he's been stabbed in the back, not a nice feeling I can tell you!

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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Oriel in Caernarfon

Hi Guys,
I was just sent this by email, I hope you pop along on the 13th. Oh no I've just realised it's going to be Friday 13th. So I would urge you all to go there as nothing bad will happened to you whilst there.
Anyhow, here is the info and bilingual too!

Femke van Gent a Paula Hampson
Trafodaeth i gloi a diodydd, dydd Gwener 13eg Gorffennaf 5 - 8 pm
Rydyn ni'n eich gwahodd chi i ddod i rannu gyda'r arlunwyr y cam terfynol 'ma o Sŵn Gwyn, arddanosfa oedd yn newid dros amser.
Mae ffotograffau a deunydd fideo yn cofnodi gwaith yr artistiaid wrth iddo ddatblygu.
Rydyn ni'n edrych ymlaen at eich gweld chi yn Oriel Dafydd Hardy
Dymuniadau gorau
Glenys (Curador) Paula & Femke (Arlunwyr)

Dear All
Femke van Gent a Paula Hampson
End discussion & drinks Friday 13th July 5-8pm
We invite you to come and share with the artists this final stage of White Noise, an exhibition that has changed over time.
Displayed photographs and video footage show a record of the artists work in transition.
We look forward to seeing you at Oriel Dafydd Hardy.
Best Wishes
Glenys (Curator) Paula & Femke (Artists)

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Caernarfon Wanderers

Caernarfon Wanderers are all set up to go at Cae Top, they are looking for sponsors and more people to get involved in the project. Drop us a line at Caernarfon Online and we will pass on any offers of help to them direct.

Their home games will be played at Cae Top in Caernarfon and the boys have already secured changing room facilities at the site.

Caernarfon Town FC are also looking for sponsors for this year and are currently filling their program with local advertisers, rates are very reasonable and helps the clubs survive in a competitive market.

If I have have and more updates, I will post them on the Caernarfon Blogspot. If you have a group that helps the community then get in touch and we will give you a soap box to shot from online!

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Sunday, 1 July 2007


Hi Caernarfon,
We have decided to change our this month page and concentrate on a better - up to the minute blog, that will be updated constantly.

I hope you will join in and use this page often.

The plan will be to have local issues aired and discussed on here.
The Blog will be serious in places but should be taken light hearted, obviously my view will not be every one's cup of tea (if it was then this world would be a funny place).

If you don't agree with my thoughts then by all means let me know yours (on any subject).

Over the years I have received some wonderful e-mails congratulating me on the website and received quite a few from people who prefer to attack me.
Hey what the hell I'm OK with that, I don't expect everyone to agree with me and I also know that not everyone loves me either.......
I am not here to make friends or enemies through the website.

Those who visit, visit through choice, those who don't, do so by choice as well, (their loss).

The late great Sir Matt Busby once taught the then new manager of Man Utd a valuable lesson.

Fergie was annoyed by the constant bad press he was receiving in the papers and told Sir Matt that it upset him dearly.
Sir Matt replied Och Aye son, if it upsets you that much don't read it laddie don't read it!

Anyway I hope you ready the blog and enjoy it, check back here soon and take a look at topical issues on the Caernarfon Online Blog.

It may not be updated daily, but it will be updated often I promise!

Catch yah soooooon

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