Sunday, 1 July 2007


Hi Caernarfon,
We have decided to change our this month page and concentrate on a better - up to the minute blog, that will be updated constantly.

I hope you will join in and use this page often.

The plan will be to have local issues aired and discussed on here.
The Blog will be serious in places but should be taken light hearted, obviously my view will not be every one's cup of tea (if it was then this world would be a funny place).

If you don't agree with my thoughts then by all means let me know yours (on any subject).

Over the years I have received some wonderful e-mails congratulating me on the website and received quite a few from people who prefer to attack me.
Hey what the hell I'm OK with that, I don't expect everyone to agree with me and I also know that not everyone loves me either.......
I am not here to make friends or enemies through the website.

Those who visit, visit through choice, those who don't, do so by choice as well, (their loss).

The late great Sir Matt Busby once taught the then new manager of Man Utd a valuable lesson.

Fergie was annoyed by the constant bad press he was receiving in the papers and told Sir Matt that it upset him dearly.
Sir Matt replied Och Aye son, if it upsets you that much don't read it laddie don't read it!

Anyway I hope you ready the blog and enjoy it, check back here soon and take a look at topical issues on the Caernarfon Online Blog.

It may not be updated daily, but it will be updated often I promise!

Catch yah soooooon

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