Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Run down buildings to be demolished?

re the ATS and Prince of Wales Hotel buildings.

Things seem to be on the up and up here in town, with news that two old buildings are being considered for demolition to make way for a new business. Shame this can't be done with some of the old listed buildings in Caernarfon. Out with the old and in with the new I say. We have been living in the past for soooo long. If something is getting on your nerves then we should really get rid of it instead of hanging around waiting for something to happen.
The trouble with Caernarfon has always been that the same old people were running it and over the last few years we have seen many changes on the council with some of the negative people gone. This is the first step in getting the town moving again. Same old same old will give you same old same old.

Only today I received a correspondence saying that it was the best news they received for some time and it made their day. I am so glad they felt that way as we are all here to enjoy it. :-)

Friday, 6 July 2012


This week we learnt that the new bypass is going to be the purple option. Woopee-do!

As much as I sympathise with the people affected with gridlocks. Can't these people see that if you divert people away from Caernarfon then businesses will suffer?

Just look at what happened to businesses in Bangor Street when they made it a one way system. Just ask the likes of Ty Bach Twt and Caernarfon Pine to name but two, about how diverting traffic away from their business, helped close them down.
Ask the garage in Abergwyngregyn, ask the garage in Dolydd, ask the former business owners at Felinheli how diverting traffic away from their business affected them.

Years ago they built a fly over through Caernarfon and many still say today that this was the first nail in our coffin. This bypass will be the final one so long as shopping and running businesses are concerned!
I bet the likes of Glan Gwna are over the moon that the road will fly over their peaceful holiday homes.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Personal thanks

To the person who sent me such a nice card over the weekend, many thanks, it really made my day. As it was something I considered unimportant in my life and had completely forgotten everything about it. Having said this, it was so nice to be reminded, it really cheered me up no end.
It seems that there are good people left on this planet, you really shouldn't have spent your money.

I don't have to name you but rest assured I had a drink to celebrate x

Friday, 29 June 2012

Hi Everyone

Sorry that I haven't blogged for a while, but today I have had a new lease of life and thought it was time for me to start blogging again.

It's so good to see that councillors Michael Sol Owen and Dylan Jones have been keeping you updated on theirs.

I have always liked the month of June, good things usually happen in this month in readiness for summer. This year was no exception as we had the Olympic torch and Urdd Esiteddfod taking place.

June is like a breath of fresh air, we are all usually upbeat as the kids count down to the school holidays. It's like we are all hanging around for the good weather to start so we can have a good summer. The weather cetainly hasn't been good up to now!
Right on cue, Wimbledon starts and the heavens open up.
This weekend promises to be a cracking one with an event in the castle that will no doubt remind us of why the castle is there and what it means to us and Wales.

Cipio'r Castell is a free event this Sunday, but please ensure you have your wristbands sorted (available from the tourist information office here in Caernarfon). The event starts at 2.30 more details here

Remember to let us know here on Caernarfon Online about any event you have planned and we will include it on the town's website.

The wheels are already in motion with the Caernarfon Festival and we look forward in covering it all here for you. In the meantime have a great weekend and I will update again next week. I'll stick my neck out and predict good weather for us all. (I feel I have a stiff neck already LOL)

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Having read about and seeing footage of the riots currently taking place in London and other places in the UK got me thinking what would happen if the same started here?

With Assembly cut backs and the Caernarfon police station running on minimal staff, how would they cope?

Speaking with a local bobby recently, I was told that there was only one officer on duty! Very dangerous scenario to be in with a population of 10,000, isn't this a bit worrying?

What if we had 100 yobs breaking into shops and homes in town? How would North Wales Police cope? Where would they draft more police from? And what if there were riots elsewhere and no one could spare any officers? It's too horrid to even contemplate!


Despite the cost of living going up by the day, our services have been cut to the bone. Hell, they only pick up our rubbish once a fortnight!!! How on earth did they get away with that???

Cuts here, there and everywhere are down down to bad management. Our defence has been hit hard over the last twelve months and more to come. I have always maintained that the one with the bigger gun always wins.

Cut backs in our policing, services, health etc etc does not impact us until we need them, it's only then we realise how bad things have become.

If we can't cope with riots at home, how can we defend ourselves if we are at war? Getting rid of our nuclear weapons, our jets, our soldiers, our tanks, our air craft carrier will all lead us to one place - DISASTER! The sooner we realize this the better!

Let's pray nothing bad happens in this area!

I hear the Assembly is "monitoring" the situation..... what does that mean exactly?

Are they are watching the news like the rest of us?

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hate mail

Ohhh I seem to have hit a nerve with the big wheel article.
I received a hate mail through the post today - How shallow!
I was quaking in my boots knowing someone is tough enough to send me an unsigned letter. ha ha
At least I have the guts to put my name to my articles you coward.
Get a life sonny boy, the letter is in the hands of the police as we speak.
Sticks and stones saddo sticks and stones !
Here's a link to a news article in Blackpool which seems to agree with my feelings. Click Here
Looks like our Caernarfon Eye Sore is a miss elsewhere too. I always said it was more suited to fairground towns. it seems on this occasion I was wrong.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Big Wheel and more tat

I was quite smug the other day when I stumbled across the article on the Daily Post website which told about the fears of losing the Caernarfon Market. The reasons given was such 'tat' as the rusty old big wheel and similar events which detract from the Market in town.
I have said this on countless occasions and whoever thought of bringing rubbish like this to our town.... well they should be ashamed of themselves!
The traders warned at the time that it put the Market in jeopardy, but no one listened.
Here is what we reported at the time
and this was back in 2007!!!!
Caernarfon has a heritage and history, bringing inferior "detraction's" like this at the risk of losing either the Heritage status or the Market is ludicrous.
Let's hope that this is now the end of it and we only get quality events in town that doesn't cost our existing businesses their livelihood.
Caernarfon needs its Market, it brings people in to the centre.
We need it just as much as other towns (who welcome their markets), its again down to one or two thinking we don't. Lessons to be learned again perhaps?