Saturday, 2 February 2008

Same Old Same Old

As we all waited with baited breath to see what the marketing Guru had to say. The town was once again left disapointed.
Councillor Ioan Thomas summed it up well by stating that the advice given by Mary Portas could be the same advice given to Cardiff or any other city around the world.

In the cold light of day how anyone could expect anything else, beggars belief!

In a nut shell:
A cleb comes down to town, she goes on walkabout for an hour or so and then is expected to have all the answers on where we are going wrong!

In a few hours all one has to do is take a look at the parking and access restrictions in town, weigh that up with the lack of big name shops add that to a networking faliure and it's easy to see where our problems lie.
Mary Portas is human, she doesn't have a quick fix and she (as someone wrote on the messagebaord) is no Paul Daniels!

Mary Portas visits towns like ours for a fee (not for FREE) and does very nicely out of it. This is what she does, she travels, speaks and then goes away with the cash in her back pocket! A nice little earner if you can get it.

Ioan Thomas saw through it as did many others.

Once again we saw the Victoria Dock getting attacked by somone in the audinece...Instead of embracing this new complex, all they do is slate it!
It's been said again and again that competition is healthy and by one business becoming a success others will flourish (as the roll on effect will help businesses grow with more people coming into town).

Too much has been made about making links between the dock and the town.

The Dock is within walking distance of the town walls (2 mins) and only as far as Woolworths is to the Black Boy!
Are we going to need a land train to get us from Pool Street to Palace Street now?
The Dock has easy access and car parks and disabled parking to boot (same as the town?)

Victoria Dock is a 2 mins walk from Bangor Street and 4 mins max from Palace street!

Whats going on here? Why the witch hunt? We should be glad that people are investing in our town, we should be embracing it with open arms and making the most of it.
Like it or not, Victoria Dock is here to stay and once these morons realise this and try to work with it the better!

There we go, my anger released on text once again. I feel much better now.

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