Thursday, 29 May 2008

People never fail to amaze me!

Thousands of trees are felled every day in such places like the Rain Forests of the world, and we humans should be very concerned because of it.

If these trees are not replaced then it will effect our home - namely planet earth.

But, wait a minute.....

Now, some members of the public and (more worryingly some councillors) are up in arms because a hundred year old tree has been removed from the Maes!!!

Gwynedd Council has explained that it was not a protected tree and had been deemed dangerous to the public.

It seems to me that some people just like to complain! They actually enjoy it! Week in week out we see the same old moaners in the papers, complaining about the same old issues. If it's not the Victoria Dock project then it's the doctors surgery and if it's not that then its something Gwynedd Council has done. I realise that not everything Gwynedd Council do is right and in my opinion they do get things wrong as much as other councils. BUT......

This latest complaint in my opinion really takes the biscuit!

Let's look at this logically....
An old tree has been felled in Caernarfon, a tree which most of us haven't even noticed unless you sit under it or work by it on a regular basis.
Gwynedd Council have decided to take it down, because it is dangerous!

If they had left it there and someone got hurt then rightly so, people should be complaining.

The council have made a decision and made a decision in the interest of public safety!!!

Don't you think that this is what we pay them to do?
It is so easy to be wise AFTER an event.
In this instance, the council takes action BEFORE anything happens and it is criticised.

This was a Bloody tree! One which will (no doubt) be replaced by other's....

Looking at the plans for the Maes, I can see loads of trees earmarked for planting.... More than there were in the first place!

A tree may be a living thing, but it is not an animal, no one died here so what's all the fuss about?
In life things change, things are taken down and rebuilt -FACT!
I agree that some old buildings have historical value and should be preserved, but this was a flippin TREE!!! It had no historical value except the fact that it had been there all our lives.

The same could be said about Wembley Stadium and they took that down and rebuilt a better one!!! (Shame they can't rebuild a better team, but that's another matter)

These moaners make me so sad..... because if it wasn't for them then the town would have a chance. As it is, we argue about anything and everything no matter what.

Get a life guys. A tree is only a tree and it WILL be replaced by another.

One of these days, we may see a project go ahead in town without someone criticising it.

Then again Caernarfon Town FC may one day win the Welsh Premier League.... We can all live in hope!

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Private Number Plates?

Hi again,

I can't believe how quickly time passes by and it's been quite a while since my last entry on here. But I felt I just had to include this little snippet.

Having visited Ysbyty Gwynedd today, I was amazed to see a car ambulance with a private number plate!!!

Seriously, I couldn't believe my eyes when my wife pointed out this flippin thing standing proudly outside the hospital.

A lot of people have indulged in this expensive hobby, with the most apt belonging to Paul Daniels... MAG 1C

But even that was surpassed by this paramedic......

Surely someone is taking the mickey???

Would you travel to hospital with this number plate?

I'll leave it for you to decide.....

Here is what we saw....

Wait for it......

Dead On Arrival!