Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Bangor Retail Forum lead the way!

Hi Everyone,

This will be the last Blog entry until mid November as we are carrying out essential maintenance on the website.

Nevertheless, I felt the need to say something about the recent Bangor Business Forum meeting.

It seems that the Caernarfon Chamber of Trade exists in name only (once again) and is lacking any true membership from Caernarfon businesses.

Less than 5% of businesses in the town itself are members and we seem to have yet again taken a backward step.

Having worked with this group in the past, I realise how difficult it is to get things moving.

But in that time, we were able to re-invent Caernarfon with bright and colourful Welsh Flags on shops during the summer season.

We even persuaded some shops to erect hanging baskets and Christmas trees. We also produced a brand new Caernarfon Town Guide for the first time in years. Such a shame that the work is not being continued!

The people who did nothing but complain when we last set up the organisation have done nothing themselves this year and it is so disappointing to see things going so wrong so fast.

When we relaunched the Chamber all those years ago, we decided to hold an open meeting and we invited members of Gwynedd Council, The Town Clerk and Mayor were there representing the council and Officers from North Wales Police also took part.

The meeting was very well attended and even though one or two tried to sabotage proceedings, it was a very successful and meaningful meeting where businesses could ask relevant questions to those present.

This week the Bangor Business Forum did exactly the same and it proved to be just as successful.

The Chairman had arranged for Officers of Gwynedd Council to take questions from the business sector.

You can read all about it on the website.

I applaud what they have done and only live and hope that the 'so called' Chamber in Caernarfon can do something the same.

I would guess that. like me, you are all fed up to the back teeth of the same old, same old whingers complaining of this and that and doing very little about it.

This could be the wake up call for these guys to get their act together and hopefully with Watkin Jones setting up a brand new Town Manager in the Victoria Dock complex this week.

She will be able to do something positive to help bring the business sector together.

We need the business sector to be strong and united. otherwise what is the point of a Chamber who speaks for only a half dozen or so people?

It would be good fromthem to put their cards on the table for once and show how many paid up members they represent.

Check out the full summary of the Bangor Business Forum on

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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Controversial statement

Drugs photo taken at Llanbeblig Caernarfon

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of updates to this Blog, this was unfortunately down to a family illness, which restricted my input. I hope you all understand.

Drug takers and a stupid statement

I have decided to have a little say on the statements made by Mr Richard Brunstrum this week.

But before I start I would like to point out that usually, I have a lot of time for Mr Brunstrum, he is very forward thinking and unfazed by public opinion. Obviously his zero tolerance on speeding in North Wales is a little over the top and one of the strictest in the country, but it seems to have had an impact on our driving and many re think before stamping on the accelerator since the campaign started.

However I am disappointed with Mr Brunstrum's latest statement about Class A drugs!
It seems that Mr Brunstrum wants to campaign about legalising hard drugs such as Heroine etc.
The reason behind this may be to reduce crime figures and stop drug abusers stealing to feed their habit. Or if he can give us a better explanation then I'd like to hear it.

Has it occurred to him the havoc these abusers put on members of their own families, friends and members of the public?

A few years back residents of Pool Lane in Caernarfon (of which I am one) had to suffer the daily indignity of having to converse with these people when they were 'under the influence.

A 'do gooder' had decided to illegally set up a soup kitchen in our street and on this occasion we were fortunate enough to close them down as planning permission for this had not been granted.

The leader of the 'Hafan' lived in Rhosbodrual and when we approached him about the matter, he continually showed no concern that we had to live with needles put through or doors and canisters of methadone and other substances were scattered all over our street.

We were met with druggies begging for money on a daily basis and threats and abuse were a common occurrence.
Councillors were useless and did nothing when we complained, it was only through the eventual involvement of Ioan Thomas (who was Mayor at the time) that something was eventually done.

I asked the manager of the Hafan would he like these people on his door step? He answered that they had to go somewhere and was only trying to help. But where was the help for us, we were all innocent in all this? Obviously he did not have an answer and seemed to care even less.

This year I was unfortunate enough to come across another drug abuser who had Over Dosed and was lying unconscious on the floor of the toilets at Slate Quay.
I had to put him in the recovery position and try to ensure his airways remained clear (whilst being talked through it all by mobile phone by the paramedic team, this I had to do until the paramedics arrived.

The next day, I called the hospital to see how he was getting on and learnt that he had been discharged. A few days later he was seen in the same state on a bench in Bontnewydd.
It seemed he had learnt very little from his 'near death' experience and no doubt is still unaware of my help.

Why should we have to endure all this? Why should we care when the Chief of Police makes this incredible statement?

If it is only about balancing his figures, then he should be ashamed of himself.
I for one (if faced with saving someone like this again) may indeed next time turn a blind eye and leave him there to rot.

The last time I didn't, the last time I chose to help, next time I may not....After all why should I care?

See you all soon and drug free I hope!

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