Thursday, 11 August 2011


Having read about and seeing footage of the riots currently taking place in London and other places in the UK got me thinking what would happen if the same started here?

With Assembly cut backs and the Caernarfon police station running on minimal staff, how would they cope?

Speaking with a local bobby recently, I was told that there was only one officer on duty! Very dangerous scenario to be in with a population of 10,000, isn't this a bit worrying?

What if we had 100 yobs breaking into shops and homes in town? How would North Wales Police cope? Where would they draft more police from? And what if there were riots elsewhere and no one could spare any officers? It's too horrid to even contemplate!


Despite the cost of living going up by the day, our services have been cut to the bone. Hell, they only pick up our rubbish once a fortnight!!! How on earth did they get away with that???

Cuts here, there and everywhere are down down to bad management. Our defence has been hit hard over the last twelve months and more to come. I have always maintained that the one with the bigger gun always wins.

Cut backs in our policing, services, health etc etc does not impact us until we need them, it's only then we realise how bad things have become.

If we can't cope with riots at home, how can we defend ourselves if we are at war? Getting rid of our nuclear weapons, our jets, our soldiers, our tanks, our air craft carrier will all lead us to one place - DISASTER! The sooner we realize this the better!

Let's pray nothing bad happens in this area!

I hear the Assembly is "monitoring" the situation..... what does that mean exactly?

Are they are watching the news like the rest of us?