Thursday, 30 December 2010

Review of the year Part 1

Review of the Year
Review of 2010 Part 1
January – June.

Here are some of the important events of 2010, I have listed then in their months with part two to come in the new year.

As usual a quiet month but one story which reared its head was that some sectors thought an archaeological dig in Cae Phillips would spoil the plans for the new Ysgol Hendre to go ahead. A Medieval burial ground of “National Importance” had been found and made the headlines at the time.

Gwynedd Council introduced their new “green” refuse collection service. This was to try and make people recycle more. Collections for normal waste would be made every two weeks.

Celtic Royal Hotel announces that if business does not improve they may need to close during the months of January in future years.

Clic Agency involved in a new Sherlock Holmes DVD filmed on location in parts of Caernarfon

Major concerns raised by Councillor after hearing news that the old doctors surgery was to be transformed into a drug rehab centre.

Caernarfon Park given £37,000 face lift.

Big Weekend announced for the Faenol as Chris Moyles and Pixie Lott record live show from the venue.

Google uses Caernarfon Castle as its background to celebrate St Davids Day.

Local publican and a big character in town was buried after passing away in February . Beno (Richard Merfyn Roberts) Hundreds turn up at his funeral.

A futile attempt to sue COL Editor dismissed in court. Local councillor shamed in court for his part in the proceedings.

Death trap uncovered in Plas Maesincla

Noddfa announce successful funding

Caernarfon Town Football Club rescue plan announced

Closed meeting by Plaid Cymru “photo scandal” to choose new mayor elect

Big news for town announced on April Fools day!

Line up for Big Weekend announced, acts to include Rhianna, JLS and Cheryl Cole

Llais Gwynedd Councillor Gwilym Euros suspended following assault claims

Big Weekend Beach Clean in North Wales

Llanbeblig Cemetery drops to new low as vandals destroy the area

Queen visit’s Caernarfon to the delight of locals

Gwynedd Chairman announced as Tudor Owen

Election results sees Plaid Cymru majority slashed as Hywel Williams keeps seat

Big Weekend a big success at the Faenol.

New Signs erected in town to help find parking spaces.

Caernarfon’s Midsummer Festival a great success

Karate breaking record completed at Hendre School.

Glyn Evans MBE dies.

Christmas message

Cheers to you all!

So nice to receive a Christmas card from a dear old friend this morning. Better late than never I suppose. It was surprising to hear from him after so long. (he was always one who was late with everything so no change there ha ha). Thank you dear friend, you were always a blast!

You know, little things like this re-kindle those nice warm thoughts you had for people who you thought were long gone.
It gave me a new lease of life and makes me look forward to another good year.

I hope you all had a wonderful time this Christmas and enjoyed yourselves as much as we did, where ever you are.

May I wish you all a Happy New Year and lets make this one the best yet.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Time

Hi everyone,

So glad to see so many hits on the blog and so glad to see my feelings about driving people away from town is backed by so many of you.
It seems not only do many of you think the by pass will be the death of Caernarfon, many of you are also sceptical about if the Land Train and if it's any good for the town or if indeed it's driving people away.
Having said that, I have had a couple of positive messages regarding the train (one from Mr Thirsk himself who disagreed what was said and denies they were responsible for the loudspeaker?). I have to say though, I heard what I heard.
But quite honestly this has raised quite a storm amongst you lot with many of you justifiably worried about loss of trade in town and the town's future in general.

For many years we've seen businesses fold and because of this we need all the help we can get. It's such a shame that so many are trying to do it alone instead of together.
I hope the council reviews what the train is doing or not doing for the town in the New Year.

Anyway enough of that, Ti's the season to be jolly and within days, the grand old man with his reindeer will soon come a knocking.

The snow has stopped a lot of things but it didn't stop the karate Christmas party at Ysgol Yr Hendre. Children from all corners came to the splash with parents and friends all joining forces to make sure the kids had a great day.
Over 60 children had a feast of Christmas food, drink and games with father Christmas making an appearance at the end with presents and booty bags for everyone.
We even had fun competitions where both adults and kids took part!
What a great feeling of community spirit we experienced throughout. Therefore may I take this opportunity in thanking everyone who helped out: from the servers to the cleaners, the cooks to the DJ and not forgetting Father Christmas himself!!

I was glad to be a part of the organising team and hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.
The photo above shows me holding a Piniata Santa which was kindly donated by one of the parents.
May I take this opportunity in wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi gyd.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Driving People Away

Now that the plans for the' Caernarfon By Pass' has reared its ugly head we see that the main point of having this road is to drive people around instead of to Caernarfon. In my opinion this is a totally stupid and unacceptable plan.
Make it difficult for people to get here and they won't! This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

The same has happened in Caernarfon over and over again. Our resident Historian T Meirion Hughes is on record as stating the death of trading in town is down to the Train Station being removed.
Following the removal of the station, Caernarfon had to endure a 'fly over' or inner relief road which also served to deviate from the town.
More recently we've seen the one way system on Bangor Street help close down shops in the centre. What next?

Well shocking as it may seem, a venture, supposed to attract visitors into town is said to be driving people away from it.
Local shop keepers are up in arms that the Land Train owned and run by John Thirsk is killing trade in their shops. Many of them have complained to the council but at the moment it seems to be falling on deaf ears.
The Chamber of Trade are sitting on the fence on it.

Personally, I do not like the train. As a driving instructor I have been stopped unnecessary by the train when approaching the town centre, having already stopped at the zebra crossing.
I was appalled whist covering the official lighting of our Christmas tree for the website last week when I witnessed someone on the trains loudspeaker advertising across the ceremony.
This was totally unacceptable and many people present were disgusted with the hard sell.

In my personal opinion the train is an accident waiting to happen and (I hope I'm wrong) soon we may see a fatality as the train drives up a congested Pool Street and down a narrow lane for Pool Side, when other vehicles are not allowed. This is ludicrous!
I ask this? How can driving people away from the town centre help our businesses?

Come on Chamber of Trade, stop ducking out and support the businesses who've complained. Or are you ignoring them simply because they are not members?
Or perhaps is it just because the same Mr John Thirsk is currently your acting chairman following the suicide of the former chair?

People wouldn't complain without reason now would they?

Caernarfon needs help and it needs it fast!