Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Run down buildings to be demolished?

re the ATS and Prince of Wales Hotel buildings.

Things seem to be on the up and up here in town, with news that two old buildings are being considered for demolition to make way for a new business. Shame this can't be done with some of the old listed buildings in Caernarfon. Out with the old and in with the new I say. We have been living in the past for soooo long. If something is getting on your nerves then we should really get rid of it instead of hanging around waiting for something to happen.
The trouble with Caernarfon has always been that the same old people were running it and over the last few years we have seen many changes on the council with some of the negative people gone. This is the first step in getting the town moving again. Same old same old will give you same old same old.

Only today I received a correspondence saying that it was the best news they received for some time and it made their day. I am so glad they felt that way as we are all here to enjoy it. :-)