Thursday, 29 July 2010

Caernarfon Festival

Well done to all the organisers of this year's Caernarfon Festival. I have been lucky enough to see and video some of it for the festival website.

If you haven't seen it already, then check out .

A special thanks from CaernarfonOnline and no doubt the good people of Caernarfon to Glyn and Mike for all their hard work.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Faenol 2010

I don't know if you've seen the latest press release from the Faenol, but if you haven't please check the link above.

We at Caernarfon Online hold the Faenol very close to our hearts and appreciate all the good that rolls off it for the area.
Every year we are invited to cover the event on the Caernarfon website and every year we see the joy it gives people first hand.
This year is a real challenge for the festival and one which I would imagine was difficult to organise. Difficult because they (the organisers) need to top what they've done in the past and that can prove difficult in the current economic climate.
I think they have done this by inviting back two of the most successful acts to grace the Faenol park. Rolando and Westlife. Added to this we have the Battle of Britain event and a new comedy night featuring Al Murray and firends. WOW! How good does it get?

Our Friend Angharad
Angharad Wynne, the Faenol Press Officer is someone I have a lot of time and respect for as she has done her utmost to ensure that our experience with the festival has always been an easy and productive one. Again this year, she is doing all she can to make sure things are running sommthly and I wish her and her team all the best for this years event.

Community needs to come togehter
We, as locals need to ensure the Festival's future by showing our support for this wonderful date in North Wales' diary.
As everybody guessed, in the current financial climate ticket sales are slower this year and added to this we also had the Big Weekend and Wakestock to compete with.
The Faenol Festival has always pride itself on supplying us with the top acts currently performing. Let's face it, where in the country, nay the World, could we see so many stars under one roof?

Amazing show
The Faenol has pulled out all the stops to once more give North Wales a show to be proud of. Westlife are one of the biggest names in the World, added to this we have opera legend Rolando Villazon, Hayley Westenra, Rhydian and The Feeling, Al Murray, Ed Byrne and Tudur Owen amongst all the other stars on the weekend bill, this year's event promises to be the best yet.

Show your support
All we are asking is that you show your support by purchasing your tickets early so that the organisers can prove to the promoters that this event is as popular as ever. I know that by the time the doors open, the place will be buzzing, but you need to show your intentions now. Please don't wait until the last minute as we don't want it to look as if we are not bothered here in North Wales.

Bryn Terfel
Bryn Terfel has looked after his roots here in Caernarfon time and time again, so lets all get behind this great man and show everyone how important the Faenol is. I know we are all going to enjoy the show when it hits us. This year is special, this year is the 10th Anniversary, this year is special. Let's make it a 10th Anniversary Bryn will treasure. Check out our link above to book your tickets now!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Farewell Concert from Hendre Students

As a father and Governor at Ysgol Yr Hendre, I experienced a very emotional morning at the school today as students of Year 6 gave a farewell concert to teachers and parents.
This was their last ever concert at the school and the kids didn't disappoint.
Well done to all who took part.
We have not uploaded the video of the concert, but do have the audio recording.
Click Here and I hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

Diolch i Pawb. xx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ysgol Yr Hendre approved

What a wonderful day, at long last this day will go into the history books as the day things looked very bright for the Seiont ward.
The announcement that the new Hendre School plans have been accepted!

My sincere congratulations goes to everyone involved in the Hendre School project.

I have the privilege on being a Governor at the school and the news that planning permission has been approved last night is music to my ears.

I would like to thank the following people who were directly involved in the project.
Councillor Roy Owen who has worked tirelessly throughout the project and without whom, we wouldn't have got anywhere.

Councillor Tudor Owen who was an important link in proceedings and was the only other Gwynedd Councillor involved in the application.

The Head Teacher Arwel Jones, who has had many a sleepless night over the whole affair and Council Officers, Iwan Trefor Jones and Dafydd Gibbard who have worked long hours ensuring things went to plan.

I would also like to thank my fellow Governors who made meetings pleasant and thrashed out any impending problems early

Many thanks also goes to all the councillors who voted yes for the new school. It is such a shame some sectors were against it, but as with everything good. Common sense prevailed in the end.

I now look forward to seeing the foundations laid in this historic moment in the town's history.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Bangor Street and the Celtic Royal letter

Caernarfon Online recently published the concerns of the Celtic Royal Hotel (see above link) and to be quite honest I hadn't realised how run down Bangor Street has become. We have touched on it in the past but, living here and seeing the streets every day you tend to accept things as they are and not notice how run down things have become.

Bangor Street in particular is beginning to look like parts of old Scotland Road in Liverpool, with premises boarded up all along the street, AND ON WHAT USED TO BE THE APPROACH ROAD INTO TOWN.

Time and time again, business owners on Bangor Street have expressed their concerns. Ty Bach Twt, Caernarfon Pine, Soled Out, Adfer, Bruce Edwards Prince of Wales and ATS have all closed down. Surely this can't be just because of the recession??? Surely there is more to this and perhaps the warnings of the business owners may have some substance?

It must be aggravating for the Celtic Royal Hotel as they strive to give visitors the very best experience whilst visiting our town, only to have boarded up buildings right opposite them.

The two photos above show just how derelict buildings attract fly tipping. Not an image vistiors want to see.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


As a great lover of football, I was over the moon to see that England and Wales will be matched in the European Championships. What a great chance for the Welsh to put themselves on the map. England will still be shell shocked after being dumped by the Germans in this years World Cup, so what better time to play them?
Obviously I am not holding my breath for a Welsh win, but as a lover of the old Home Internationals, I look forward to it already.

I hope you are all enjoying the World Cup as it slowly reaches the semi final stage and more than likely don;t know who to support this afternoon as Argentina play Germany.
After wars with both countries I can't say with any conviction that I'd rather one win or the other.

* Update: The Germans won 4 -0 so I guess that makes them favourites?

Friday, 2 July 2010

Caernarfon Town FC

How sad to hear that Caernarfon Town and their manager have parted their ways. I was one of many who really enjoyed the recent mini series on TV following the Canaries. I hope that the new board can make a good appointment as the Town looks forward to their first new season under the new owners.
Running a football team can't be easy and with money an issue, the Canaries need all the help they can muster. I, for one hope that someone like Gerald Parry will be approached as with his experience, he would be a great choice to try and get Caernarfon on the path to winning ways.
I am not sure if he would consider the role, but cannot think of anyone else who could do a good job with local talent.
I wish the new board all the best for the coming season and hope they find a worth manager to take us back to where we belong. Come on the Canaries!