Sunday, 27 February 2011

Voting this week

I hope you all go out and vote this week, this is an important vote for our children's future.

I know of hundreds of people who didn't want the Assembly for Wales, but I also know most of them didn't bother to turn out to vote against it.

Realistically, for any vote to be viable, we should insist for a turn out of least 40 to 50%, but this is clearly not the case. It wasn't back then and it certainly won't be this time. In this country, we have the right to vote but rarely exercise that right. It's so easy to complain after and event has occurred.

If you want or don't want the Assembly to have more powers then get off your backsides and cast your vote.

Personally, I am still not convinced that the Assembly has done anything good for Wales and whilst they still have a lot to prove to me, I can't possibly agree to give them more powers as it stands.

Apathy has cost us a lot in the past, so with that in mind, may I remind you all on how popular the live screening of the official opening for the Assembly was in Caernarfon

Click Here to see

Enough said I think.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sheep are far smarter than previously thought

I had to smile when I read an article on the Telegraph website today.
Perhaps we should ask them if they intend voting No to the Assembly in the up and coming Elections?

Sheep are widely regarded as some of the most dim-witted creatures in the animal kingdom, but new research has revealed they are far more intelligent than they have previously been given credit for.

They are an animal so apparently dim-witted that they have become a byword for stupidity and mindlessly following the crowd. New research, however, reveals that sheep are far more intelligent than they have been given credit for.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have found that the creatures have the brainpower to equal rodents, monkeys and, in some tests, even humans.

The results suggest that sheep have relatively advanced learning capabilities, are adaptable, can map out their surroundings mentally and may even be able to plan ahead.

The findings will surprise any motorist who has had to follow a stray sheep trying to escape oncoming traffic by running down the middle of a country road.

The animals' tendency to blindly follow the flock has led to sheep becoming enshrined in the English language as a description for unquestioningly doing what others are doing.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Charity begins at home does it not?

I (like many others) am appalled at the handouts this country gives away to other nations.
Our hospitals and schools are struggling, our young are struggling, we have vast unemployment, businesses are closing down left right and centre and homes are repossessed every day.

And what are we doing? We are giving £280million to India (who has its own space program and manages to build nuclear warships!)

All in all we are talking about £1billion in tax payers handouts!

India has an economic growth of 8.5% a year and it in turn, gives aid to Africa!
On top of this they spend £20bn a year on defence and has a £1.25bn space programme!!!

The answer is simple!
Until we get back on our feet, we need to come together as one in the UK and look after our own. We should stop giving aid altogether in my opinion.
We should not be bailing out other countries (Ireland comes to mind).
We should be looking after our own economy and once we sort out our own mess, then and only then should we think about helping others!

Personally, I would not be giving any money to my neighbour if my own children were starving!
This certainly isn't rocket science (whether we have a space program or not!)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Welsh language ignored by punters!

As a driving instructor I was surprised (nay shocked) to learn how many people chose the Welsh language option when taking their theory test.

An article in the Daily Express showed how way down the list the Welsh language is in relation to Urdu or Polish in this country.

See the full article here.

For your convenience I have uploaded the full report which was produced on the Driving Standards Agency website, following a Freedom of Information request made by someone (Not this website I may add)

As you can see on the file, Voice overs are available in many different languages and perhaps this is not surprising as the UK is multi national, but what is alarming is the fact that the Welsh language is bottom of this list compared to Urdu or Polish. Take a quick look here.

People requesting voice overs during the period from April 209 to March 2010 were as follows:

Polish 12,434
Urdu 18,816
English 104,581
Cantonese 2,441
Kurdish 10,026
Punjabi 5,541
Turkish 9,491

So? I hear you ask. So, how many requested the Welsh version?

Wait for it...........


That's not 13,000! That's 13 people!!!! throughout the whole of 2009 -2010!!!!!

Of all the language options only Kashmiri came lower with 5 requests!!!!

This is a big kick in the teeth for the Welsh Language and not one which bodes well for us here in Wales.

This is the website the report came from

Makes you think if the money spent on the facility was worth it doesn't it?

Friday, 4 February 2011

Advertising boards

I received a request this week that asked me to highlight a heath and safety issue in Caernarfon.
The problem seems to be the placing of advertising sandwich style boards all around the town. It was put to me that not only was this a problem for the elderly and traffic, but it was also a big problem for the blind.
I had never thought about this before now, but having reviewed the situation in town, the person who contacted me certainly seems to have a point.

Walking down Pool Street, I came across ten boards which had people manoeuvring round them and in many instances stepping right into the path of moving vehicles. In other circumstances, vehicles delivering to shops were restricted and had to physically move the signs just to deliver.

I may be wrong, but I am sure the council banned the use of these boards two years ago? I also remember businesses having to pay for licences to erect any furniture outside their premises.

Palace Street is just as guilty and as such the whole town needs to be addressed by the council before an accident happens.
I have to say, I totally agree with the complaint and I am happy to highlight it here.

What do you think?