Friday, 6 July 2012


This week we learnt that the new bypass is going to be the purple option. Woopee-do!

As much as I sympathise with the people affected with gridlocks. Can't these people see that if you divert people away from Caernarfon then businesses will suffer?

Just look at what happened to businesses in Bangor Street when they made it a one way system. Just ask the likes of Ty Bach Twt and Caernarfon Pine to name but two, about how diverting traffic away from their business, helped close them down.
Ask the garage in Abergwyngregyn, ask the garage in Dolydd, ask the former business owners at Felinheli how diverting traffic away from their business affected them.

Years ago they built a fly over through Caernarfon and many still say today that this was the first nail in our coffin. This bypass will be the final one so long as shopping and running businesses are concerned!
I bet the likes of Glan Gwna are over the moon that the road will fly over their peaceful holiday homes.