Thursday, 14 August 2008

Hall of Fame on has proved very popular with many of you and I can inform you that we still have a few hundred photos to add over the next few months. As we add new faces to our pages, we are receiving more and more photos from you, our visitors. Keep them coming and I promise we will add them as we go on.
Our Hall of Fame on has been up a week now and by all accounts most of you have enjoyed it immensely.
As you may know, we asked our visitors to nominate different people from Caernarfon's past and present who (in their opinion) had done something which merited their inclusion on out Hall of Fame. With exercises like these, we would never find 20 people who everyone would agree on, but never the less we received 60 names and an independent panel of 6 people narrowed them down to the final 20 which are honoured on our pages.
We were aware that people may be scrutinizing the final decision but we have not received a single complaint except for one person who told us, he had not heard about some of the winners. So in this respect I was very pleased to be able to educate him through the site about the hero's of the town's past.
I hope you all enjoy reading about these very important people who now have a lasting tribute on our website.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Caernarfon Eye Sore

I can't believe it's been a few months since my last entry on here. But as I've been ever so busy with the New "Cofis" website (as well as adding bit's and pieces to COL), It's been pretty hectic.

Caernarfon Eye SORE!
Well it wasn't here long, but long enough for us to receive the largest number of complaints we've ever had about the awful Big Wheel.
Locals and visitors alike contacted the site to say they were amazed to see that work had been stopped on the Maes just so that a fairground attraction could come to town.
We are led to believe that this was not actually true, but the fact remains, it was ludicrous that the work was stopped and even more ludicrous that they allowed to big wheel to be parked on our half completed square.
A square which has cost nearly £3million so that it raises the profile of the town and what do we get on it? None other than the awful Caernarfon Eye Sore (as it's been dubbed by many of you).
Let's hope there was no damage made to the new slates!

In all we received 133 complaints and many of these alarmingly came from visitors who pledged never to return, as their idea of visiting a World Heritage Site was ruined by the Eye Sore in front of it.
I must say I tend to agree and let's hope that councillors and Gwynedd sees sense not to allow it to return to the Maes.
If they must have it then put it somewhere else.


How about Rhyl?