Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sandwich board advertising – AGAIN

Sandwich board advertising – AGAIN!
Is it me or is this a case of double standards by Gwynedd Council? A few weeks back I complained about the amount of Sandwich advertising boards on Pool Street. It is a public Health issue and an accident waiting to happen as cars and pedestrians fight for the right to manoeuvre. But this week we hear that it’s ok to have tables and chairs on the street so long as you pay!! !
Flippin eck, no matter how they dress it up, this is just another tax on businesses. I haven’t a clue who this Dafydd Wyn Williams is, but it seems so long as you are prepared to fork out a few quid to his cash strapped council, then public safety is not an issue? I would once again like to ask, if someone gets hurt by one of these boards or chairs in the street then who is responsible? My guess is that if Gwynedd Council charge for the right to install tables etc, then the onus is on them... is it not? I see this like a garage failing a car because of faulty brakes, but, if they are prepared to pay then they get their certificate!
I can accept chairs and tables receiving a licence if it is properly barricaded and made safe for pedestrians and motorists, but what I can’t condone is the advertising sandwich boards. These things are a health hazard to the visibly impaired, disabled AND able bodied people. Gwynedd should outlaw these and outlaw them with immediate effect. For, according to Mr Dafydd Wyn Williams, this legislation has been in effect since 2007!
Well Dafydd bach, I urge you to take a walk up Pool Street to see how many impeding sandwich boards are erected there. (mind you, at the moment, you can’t possibly go up Pool Street safely because of the calamity of road re-surfing which is taking place.

Click here for the Herald article
And here is the quote by Gwynedd senior manager Dafydd Wyn Williams (shame on you Dafydd)
Dafydd Wyn Williams, Gwynedd Council’s senior manager transportation and street care said: “Since September 2007, the council has been responsible for ensuring that street furniture and promotional signage on public highways do not impede members of the public.
“This followed considerable joint working between the council and local disability access groups with the aim of making sure that street furniture does not cause a nuisance or danger to disabled people, pedestrians and other road users.
“As part of this arrangement, the council works closely with businesses across the county – we recognise the importance of striking a sensible balance between protecting pedestrians and road users and supporting local businesses.
“Indeed, the safe, responsible and legal use of street furniture can enhance the experience of pedestrians whilst helping local businesses to flourish – that is why the council assesses any business that makes a request to locate tables, chairs and similar street furniture on the public highway outside their establishment.
“By assessing the proposed location, officers can then ensure that the location is properly managed by the business and they can also advise the proprietors regarding any possible improvement to ensure the safety of the public.”

Thursday, 24 March 2011

You cannot be serious Town Council!!!!

See Caernarfon Herald Article here.

Mr Banner-Price of Plas Dinas Hotel dared to complain

"I constantly hear bad news about Caernarfon. "I run a five star country house and I have to admit to being fed up of the negative comments from guests. "It would be lovely for guests to come back saying how lovely Caernarfon is and how much they enjoyed looking round it, or how safe they felt when they went out at night for a meal. "I wonder what actions you are taking to counteract some of these issues and how you plan to help tourism thrive in the coming 12 months in these difficult financial times."

His complaint was discussed at a town council meeting this week and it seems they did not like what they heard. Well town council, people have the right to complain if things are not right and for you lot to take offence is just like burying your heads in the sand.

It was not Mr Banner Price who made the complaints, it was visitors to the area and as editor of both CaernarfonOnline and Visit I can back his letter up by saying:

I too have received numerous complaints of this nature. Visitors are constantly complaining about the state of the town, the lack of things to do and the “unsafe” feel in the town. If the council chooses to ignore these complaints, then perhaps we have the wrong people in power?

More than one councillor expressed concern about the letter and not the fact that people are unhappy!
People complain for a reason, they don’t make things up.

Crime Stats for Caernarfon
Our crime stats prove we have not got it right, our empty shops prove we have not got it right and videos on YouTube and face book prove we haven’t got it right.

I am very sorry (town council) that you think the remarks are derogatory, but instead of sulking, why don’t you do something about it?

Oh yes and whilst I’m at it, I agree that money has been spent on the town in the last few years, but has it made it better or worse?
We have a death trap of a Maes, we have empty buildings opposite our largest hotel, we have more and more businesses complaining of losing business, we have needles and drug taking in all corners, we have mass unemployment, we have one way systems driving people away, we are to have another by pass which will kill the town, we nearly had a jail here for crying out loud!

I’m so sorry that some of the councillors are upset about this, but quite frankly, even when these things are pointed out to you, you choose to ignore it.

Well done Mr Banner –Price for trying, but perhaps now you see why little or nothing is ever done in town.

The proof is all around us! So, just in case the council think we are making it all up.....

Here are some examples of where Caernarfon is getting it wrong, whoops! I seem to have upset another handful of councillors!

Perhaps by listening and not dismissing, our town council can help make Caernarfon a better place for us all?

Seshes Caernarfon
Girls fighting in Town
Kids arrested
Public toilet and needles
Drunk on Arriva Bus

Celtic Royal warning
Caernarfon Traders losing business
World's most expensive car park
Llanbeblig Horror Show
Drugs in Caernarfon
Bangor Street

Some of us see it as it really is, others are looking through tinted glasses!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Nearly 2,000 fans a the Oval

I was very disappointed to have missed Caernarfon's first derby match last week.

Unfortunately, I was conducting a karate competition on the same evening and therefore missed out.
The eventual scoreline proved that I missed a blinder and congratulations goes to our dear friends at CTFC as then ran away with a 4-2 scoreline. Not forgetting commiserations to our friends at the Wanderers, who must now clearly realise they are not far off the mark.
Hopefully promotion this season may see them play more games like this.

A crowd of just under 2,000 is testimony in itself that football still remains the sport in town and hopefully, this will be a stepping stone for both teams who need our support.

Well done to everyone and well done to the 2,000 who turned out!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Councillor should know better!

I would like to say I am surprised by some remarks made by a Peblig councillor this week, but realistically I can’t admit to being surprised..... disappointed would be a better word!!!

Remarks have been made about the selling of the Hendre school land owned by Gwynedd council.

I feel that as I am a Governor for Ysgol Yr Hendre I am disappointed that Councillor Kirk did not know about the sale before now!
Had she done her homework, she would have known that this was part of the plan from the beginning. Gwynedd Council have never tried to hide this fact and councillors voted on it last May. So why is she bringing this up now?

Far from it for me to say, but Councillor Kirk persists in getting involved in issues which don’t concern her. She is a councillor on the Peblig ward not Seiont! So why the big interest time and time again about Ysgol Yr Hendre? She would do better in concentrating on her own ward and the people she reperesnts.

When school closures reared its ugly head a few years ago, the world and his brother got on the bandwagon to slate Gwynedd Council and perhaps some of the criticism was justified.

I can't understand that when funding to build a brand new state of the art school was put in place, there are still complaints!

Anita Kirk has been against the new school from the start, she has been quoted on numerous occasions slating the new school. She has been heard on Radio Cymru voicing her objections, despite the subject covered being unrelated.
In what seems to be a personal vendetta by Councillor Kirk against the new school, has she considered what the people of Henrde actually want?
Has she considered if the residents of Hendre Park really want the cemetery extended closer to their homes?

As a governor at the school, I have had the opportunity to talk with many of the residents and a number of them were concerned that the cemetery could be extended closer to their houses. A public meeting was held at the school last year so that people could voice their opinions, where was Councillor Kirk then?

A Gwynedd Council spokesperson said: "Last May, councillors approved a recommendation for the present site of Ysgol yr Hendre to be disposed of on the open market when the new school site opens.
"The capital receipt is part of the financial package to develop the new school.
"The site will go on the market in the coming weeks, with the sale to be completed when the new school opens next spring."

Had councillor Krik bothered to look at council minutes last May, she’d have known all about this.
Which raises the question, why do we have councillors blowing off because of their lack of knowledge?
We need councillors who are up to date with everything of importance. Not slating something positive just because of her personal feelings.
Councillors are there so they speak on behalf of their constituency; they are not there to voice their personal opinions. Perhaps this needs to be explained to some of them?

For the record, Antia Kirk gave up her seat on the Cadnant ward at the last election as she would have had to fight her seat. Instead she chose the easy option by taking up an uncontested seat on the Peblig ward.
Does this suggest therefore that she doesn’t really care which ward she represents as she just wants to ‘nose in’ on anything that happens in Caernarfon?

Bottom line here is, yes she is a town councillor, but first and foremost she represents the people of Peblig, she must let the Seiont councillors worry about Seiont residents! QED!

Friday, 4 March 2011


It is sad to see that only 35% of the people of Wales bothered to vote on the Assembly. What happened to the 65% who didn't make the effort?
Were they not bothered about the future of Wales?

Why can't we make it law that everyone has to vote!

I don't know what the answer is.... but when so many of us decide not to make the effort then surely questions must be raised about why.
Are 65% of the people so not interested in the Assembly that they don't want to get off their backsides to have their say?
This is not the voice of Wales, this is the voice of the minority!

Those of us who made the effort, chose to give the Assembly more powers. Let's all hope that this was the right decision!
From what I have seen of the Assembly to date, it leaves a lot to be desired!

Let's hope that by having to "power to make more decisions" our Assembly members make the right ones.
Personally I am unimpressed with what they have done/are doing to date and until I see my beloved Wales prosper, nothing will change my mind.

I want Wales to be a part of the UK. I don't want full Independence and I hope it never happens. Cymru am Byth, but not at the cost to our children.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

So pleased to learn my incentive is still going on.

Back in 2006 I visited Edinburgh and was amazed at how colourful the city was. I brought an idea back to the "then" Chamber of Trade, and it was passed unanimously that we approach the town council to see if we could secure funding to put up Welsh Flags all over the town.
Following a meeting with the then Town Clerk Mr Vernon Pierce, we learnt that the town council would indeed finance the items and once this had been passed, it was down to myself and the secretary to arrange for the erection of the colourful Welsh flags all over the town. We even arranged for new brackets to be installed to all shops who required one, which doubled up to take Christmas Trees during the festive period.
The Flags were up during the Big Buzz and proved to be a great success with visitors.
This was repeated for three years running, as we were able to secure more funding for flags the following year.
Of course this was in the days of utter harmony within the Chamber and in the days when people worked together for the good of everyone.
I am so pleased to see that it seems my idea will once again see the town receive a colourful injection. The old ideas are always the best!
Shame about all the inner squabbles over the years, which really spoilt the Chamber achieving as much as it should have.
Lets hope things like that never happen again!!!
I look forward to seeing our new flags around town.