Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sandwich board advertising – AGAIN

Sandwich board advertising – AGAIN!
Is it me or is this a case of double standards by Gwynedd Council? A few weeks back I complained about the amount of Sandwich advertising boards on Pool Street. It is a public Health issue and an accident waiting to happen as cars and pedestrians fight for the right to manoeuvre. But this week we hear that it’s ok to have tables and chairs on the street so long as you pay!! !
Flippin eck, no matter how they dress it up, this is just another tax on businesses. I haven’t a clue who this Dafydd Wyn Williams is, but it seems so long as you are prepared to fork out a few quid to his cash strapped council, then public safety is not an issue? I would once again like to ask, if someone gets hurt by one of these boards or chairs in the street then who is responsible? My guess is that if Gwynedd Council charge for the right to install tables etc, then the onus is on them... is it not? I see this like a garage failing a car because of faulty brakes, but, if they are prepared to pay then they get their certificate!
I can accept chairs and tables receiving a licence if it is properly barricaded and made safe for pedestrians and motorists, but what I can’t condone is the advertising sandwich boards. These things are a health hazard to the visibly impaired, disabled AND able bodied people. Gwynedd should outlaw these and outlaw them with immediate effect. For, according to Mr Dafydd Wyn Williams, this legislation has been in effect since 2007!
Well Dafydd bach, I urge you to take a walk up Pool Street to see how many impeding sandwich boards are erected there. (mind you, at the moment, you can’t possibly go up Pool Street safely because of the calamity of road re-surfing which is taking place.

Click here for the Herald article
And here is the quote by Gwynedd senior manager Dafydd Wyn Williams (shame on you Dafydd)
Dafydd Wyn Williams, Gwynedd Council’s senior manager transportation and street care said: “Since September 2007, the council has been responsible for ensuring that street furniture and promotional signage on public highways do not impede members of the public.
“This followed considerable joint working between the council and local disability access groups with the aim of making sure that street furniture does not cause a nuisance or danger to disabled people, pedestrians and other road users.
“As part of this arrangement, the council works closely with businesses across the county – we recognise the importance of striking a sensible balance between protecting pedestrians and road users and supporting local businesses.
“Indeed, the safe, responsible and legal use of street furniture can enhance the experience of pedestrians whilst helping local businesses to flourish – that is why the council assesses any business that makes a request to locate tables, chairs and similar street furniture on the public highway outside their establishment.
“By assessing the proposed location, officers can then ensure that the location is properly managed by the business and they can also advise the proprietors regarding any possible improvement to ensure the safety of the public.”

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