Friday, 4 March 2011


It is sad to see that only 35% of the people of Wales bothered to vote on the Assembly. What happened to the 65% who didn't make the effort?
Were they not bothered about the future of Wales?

Why can't we make it law that everyone has to vote!

I don't know what the answer is.... but when so many of us decide not to make the effort then surely questions must be raised about why.
Are 65% of the people so not interested in the Assembly that they don't want to get off their backsides to have their say?
This is not the voice of Wales, this is the voice of the minority!

Those of us who made the effort, chose to give the Assembly more powers. Let's all hope that this was the right decision!
From what I have seen of the Assembly to date, it leaves a lot to be desired!

Let's hope that by having to "power to make more decisions" our Assembly members make the right ones.
Personally I am unimpressed with what they have done/are doing to date and until I see my beloved Wales prosper, nothing will change my mind.

I want Wales to be a part of the UK. I don't want full Independence and I hope it never happens. Cymru am Byth, but not at the cost to our children.

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