Friday, 11 March 2011

Councillor should know better!

I would like to say I am surprised by some remarks made by a Peblig councillor this week, but realistically I can’t admit to being surprised..... disappointed would be a better word!!!

Remarks have been made about the selling of the Hendre school land owned by Gwynedd council.

I feel that as I am a Governor for Ysgol Yr Hendre I am disappointed that Councillor Kirk did not know about the sale before now!
Had she done her homework, she would have known that this was part of the plan from the beginning. Gwynedd Council have never tried to hide this fact and councillors voted on it last May. So why is she bringing this up now?

Far from it for me to say, but Councillor Kirk persists in getting involved in issues which don’t concern her. She is a councillor on the Peblig ward not Seiont! So why the big interest time and time again about Ysgol Yr Hendre? She would do better in concentrating on her own ward and the people she reperesnts.

When school closures reared its ugly head a few years ago, the world and his brother got on the bandwagon to slate Gwynedd Council and perhaps some of the criticism was justified.

I can't understand that when funding to build a brand new state of the art school was put in place, there are still complaints!

Anita Kirk has been against the new school from the start, she has been quoted on numerous occasions slating the new school. She has been heard on Radio Cymru voicing her objections, despite the subject covered being unrelated.
In what seems to be a personal vendetta by Councillor Kirk against the new school, has she considered what the people of Henrde actually want?
Has she considered if the residents of Hendre Park really want the cemetery extended closer to their homes?

As a governor at the school, I have had the opportunity to talk with many of the residents and a number of them were concerned that the cemetery could be extended closer to their houses. A public meeting was held at the school last year so that people could voice their opinions, where was Councillor Kirk then?

A Gwynedd Council spokesperson said: "Last May, councillors approved a recommendation for the present site of Ysgol yr Hendre to be disposed of on the open market when the new school site opens.
"The capital receipt is part of the financial package to develop the new school.
"The site will go on the market in the coming weeks, with the sale to be completed when the new school opens next spring."

Had councillor Krik bothered to look at council minutes last May, she’d have known all about this.
Which raises the question, why do we have councillors blowing off because of their lack of knowledge?
We need councillors who are up to date with everything of importance. Not slating something positive just because of her personal feelings.
Councillors are there so they speak on behalf of their constituency; they are not there to voice their personal opinions. Perhaps this needs to be explained to some of them?

For the record, Antia Kirk gave up her seat on the Cadnant ward at the last election as she would have had to fight her seat. Instead she chose the easy option by taking up an uncontested seat on the Peblig ward.
Does this suggest therefore that she doesn’t really care which ward she represents as she just wants to ‘nose in’ on anything that happens in Caernarfon?

Bottom line here is, yes she is a town councillor, but first and foremost she represents the people of Peblig, she must let the Seiont councillors worry about Seiont residents! QED!


roy said...

Councillor Kirk seems to be the only one that opens her mouth on anything , whether you agree with her views or not she is active as coucillor

Will Bach Dre said...

Councillor Kirk is known for opening her mouth, thta's what she does best. The problem is not that she has opened her mouth, the problem is the noise that comes out of it. I am all for councillors having something to say, but let them say it on their patch and not other wards. Mrs Kirk has enough work getting her own house in order. Is she active with the Noddfa, Maesincla or Ty Peblig? These are the areas, she should be addressing.
Will Bach