Wednesday, 2 March 2011

So pleased to learn my incentive is still going on.

Back in 2006 I visited Edinburgh and was amazed at how colourful the city was. I brought an idea back to the "then" Chamber of Trade, and it was passed unanimously that we approach the town council to see if we could secure funding to put up Welsh Flags all over the town.
Following a meeting with the then Town Clerk Mr Vernon Pierce, we learnt that the town council would indeed finance the items and once this had been passed, it was down to myself and the secretary to arrange for the erection of the colourful Welsh flags all over the town. We even arranged for new brackets to be installed to all shops who required one, which doubled up to take Christmas Trees during the festive period.
The Flags were up during the Big Buzz and proved to be a great success with visitors.
This was repeated for three years running, as we were able to secure more funding for flags the following year.
Of course this was in the days of utter harmony within the Chamber and in the days when people worked together for the good of everyone.
I am so pleased to see that it seems my idea will once again see the town receive a colourful injection. The old ideas are always the best!
Shame about all the inner squabbles over the years, which really spoilt the Chamber achieving as much as it should have.
Lets hope things like that never happen again!!!
I look forward to seeing our new flags around town.

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