Thursday, 24 March 2011

You cannot be serious Town Council!!!!

See Caernarfon Herald Article here.

Mr Banner-Price of Plas Dinas Hotel dared to complain

"I constantly hear bad news about Caernarfon. "I run a five star country house and I have to admit to being fed up of the negative comments from guests. "It would be lovely for guests to come back saying how lovely Caernarfon is and how much they enjoyed looking round it, or how safe they felt when they went out at night for a meal. "I wonder what actions you are taking to counteract some of these issues and how you plan to help tourism thrive in the coming 12 months in these difficult financial times."

His complaint was discussed at a town council meeting this week and it seems they did not like what they heard. Well town council, people have the right to complain if things are not right and for you lot to take offence is just like burying your heads in the sand.

It was not Mr Banner Price who made the complaints, it was visitors to the area and as editor of both CaernarfonOnline and Visit I can back his letter up by saying:

I too have received numerous complaints of this nature. Visitors are constantly complaining about the state of the town, the lack of things to do and the “unsafe” feel in the town. If the council chooses to ignore these complaints, then perhaps we have the wrong people in power?

More than one councillor expressed concern about the letter and not the fact that people are unhappy!
People complain for a reason, they don’t make things up.

Crime Stats for Caernarfon
Our crime stats prove we have not got it right, our empty shops prove we have not got it right and videos on YouTube and face book prove we haven’t got it right.

I am very sorry (town council) that you think the remarks are derogatory, but instead of sulking, why don’t you do something about it?

Oh yes and whilst I’m at it, I agree that money has been spent on the town in the last few years, but has it made it better or worse?
We have a death trap of a Maes, we have empty buildings opposite our largest hotel, we have more and more businesses complaining of losing business, we have needles and drug taking in all corners, we have mass unemployment, we have one way systems driving people away, we are to have another by pass which will kill the town, we nearly had a jail here for crying out loud!

I’m so sorry that some of the councillors are upset about this, but quite frankly, even when these things are pointed out to you, you choose to ignore it.

Well done Mr Banner –Price for trying, but perhaps now you see why little or nothing is ever done in town.

The proof is all around us! So, just in case the council think we are making it all up.....

Here are some examples of where Caernarfon is getting it wrong, whoops! I seem to have upset another handful of councillors!

Perhaps by listening and not dismissing, our town council can help make Caernarfon a better place for us all?

Seshes Caernarfon
Girls fighting in Town
Kids arrested
Public toilet and needles
Drunk on Arriva Bus

Celtic Royal warning
Caernarfon Traders losing business
World's most expensive car park
Llanbeblig Horror Show
Drugs in Caernarfon
Bangor Street

Some of us see it as it really is, others are looking through tinted glasses!


Dylan Jones said...


Further to this excellent blog post (I'm with you on this one) You may wish to read a certain Welsh blog (I won't put the link here but you know which one I mean) that suggests that it's the people who stay at the hotel's problem not Caernarfon's. The original letter by Andy Banner Price is on there, obviously leaked to the website by a Plaid councillor.

Typical trying to turn it into an attack on English tourists as well as having a go at Chris Hughes for writing to the town clerk in English.

Several valid points were raised in that letter. I'm not saying they could have solved all the issues but it seems that some on the town council don't like constructive feedback!



Caernarfon Online Editor said...

It certainly is not the vistors problem, it's OUR PROBLEM! If we don't address their concerns, then the future will be very bleak. Negative feedback stops people from visiting, if this happens then where will we be?