Thursday, 7 October 2010

Local By elections

Llais Gwynedd take the vacant Gwynedd seat whilst Plaid Cymru wins the vacant Seiont Town Council seat. Labour hold the vacant Town Council seat on Cadnant.

On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this election, despite not getting the result I wanted.
Nevertheless, it was an experience that anyone with an opinion should take. It is so easy to complain and knock councillors.... but to have the right to do that, one must be prepared to put themselves up and be counted. It's no point in complaining if you are not prepared to have a go yourself.
I have always been Independent in my views and always want what's best for the people of Caernarfon, not necessarily what a particular party wants.
Personally I feel 'party politics' hinder councillors at this level, but that's only my opinion and (thank God) we live in a country which allows us to have the freedom of opinion.

Congratulations to all who took part in this election, especially to those who topped the polls.
The others, well, the others should now take stock and see what they are going to do about any future elections.