Wednesday, 10 November 2010

All quiet

Hi again,

Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately, but we've been away for a few weeks in sunny Florida and it was a holiday well worth making the effort for. Once again I am able to appreciate how good life is. 

Coming back to Caernarfon and the bitterly cold weather we're having at the moment, makes me wish we had booked a few weeks extra!!!

The temp was the hottest on record (for October) at an incredible 91 degrees!

However , this is the first time ever I've returned home to snow on the hill-tops in October. 

Visiting the States make you realize how far we are behind in this country of ours. Both technology wise and promotion wise.

Orlando certainly seems to have its act together, as even in the current financial climate, hotels and theme parks were full to bursting and there did not seem to be a shortage of cash passing around. 


I just about made it back for the fireworks and you will have to accept my apologies for the short video of the event I included on the Caernarfon website, we were still jet lagged when we heard the bangs, so shot out to the street to record some of it for those of you who missed it. Not good quality, but the best I could muster under the circumstances.

Remembrance Sunday

We have the Remembrance service to look forward to on Sunday, and I hope you all make the effort to go down and give it your support. The event in Caernarfon is always well supported and I hope you enjoy it.


It will soon be Christmas and despite the recession, I have had a wonderful year this year, Life seems to get better as you get older and I hope you all feel the same about the way things are going for you. 

Let's hope Caernarfon improves as we get older too and now that hopefully we have turned a corner here in town, things will slowly get back on track for us.


Soooooo pleased to see the old Woolworth's store opening up before Christmas, this can only be good for Pool Street and the town in general.

I cross my fingers that Tesco will also get the go ahead and the by pass is canceled.... well we can all dream can't we.