Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hate mail

Ohhh I seem to have hit a nerve with the big wheel article.
I received a hate mail through the post today - How shallow!
I was quaking in my boots knowing someone is tough enough to send me an unsigned letter. ha ha
At least I have the guts to put my name to my articles you coward.
Get a life sonny boy, the letter is in the hands of the police as we speak.
Sticks and stones saddo sticks and stones !
Here's a link to a news article in Blackpool which seems to agree with my feelings. Click Here
Looks like our Caernarfon Eye Sore is a miss elsewhere too. I always said it was more suited to fairground towns. it seems on this occasion I was wrong.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Big Wheel and more tat

I was quite smug the other day when I stumbled across the article on the Daily Post website which told about the fears of losing the Caernarfon Market. The reasons given was such 'tat' as the rusty old big wheel and similar events which detract from the Market in town.
I have said this on countless occasions and whoever thought of bringing rubbish like this to our town.... well they should be ashamed of themselves!
The traders warned at the time that it put the Market in jeopardy, but no one listened.
Here is what we reported at the time
and this was back in 2007!!!!
Caernarfon has a heritage and history, bringing inferior "detraction's" like this at the risk of losing either the Heritage status or the Market is ludicrous.
Let's hope that this is now the end of it and we only get quality events in town that doesn't cost our existing businesses their livelihood.
Caernarfon needs its Market, it brings people in to the centre.
We need it just as much as other towns (who welcome their markets), its again down to one or two thinking we don't. Lessons to be learned again perhaps?