Sunday, 27 February 2011

Voting this week

I hope you all go out and vote this week, this is an important vote for our children's future.

I know of hundreds of people who didn't want the Assembly for Wales, but I also know most of them didn't bother to turn out to vote against it.

Realistically, for any vote to be viable, we should insist for a turn out of least 40 to 50%, but this is clearly not the case. It wasn't back then and it certainly won't be this time. In this country, we have the right to vote but rarely exercise that right. It's so easy to complain after and event has occurred.

If you want or don't want the Assembly to have more powers then get off your backsides and cast your vote.

Personally, I am still not convinced that the Assembly has done anything good for Wales and whilst they still have a lot to prove to me, I can't possibly agree to give them more powers as it stands.

Apathy has cost us a lot in the past, so with that in mind, may I remind you all on how popular the live screening of the official opening for the Assembly was in Caernarfon

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Enough said I think.

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