Thursday, 17 February 2011

Charity begins at home does it not?

I (like many others) am appalled at the handouts this country gives away to other nations.
Our hospitals and schools are struggling, our young are struggling, we have vast unemployment, businesses are closing down left right and centre and homes are repossessed every day.

And what are we doing? We are giving £280million to India (who has its own space program and manages to build nuclear warships!)

All in all we are talking about £1billion in tax payers handouts!

India has an economic growth of 8.5% a year and it in turn, gives aid to Africa!
On top of this they spend £20bn a year on defence and has a £1.25bn space programme!!!

The answer is simple!
Until we get back on our feet, we need to come together as one in the UK and look after our own. We should stop giving aid altogether in my opinion.
We should not be bailing out other countries (Ireland comes to mind).
We should be looking after our own economy and once we sort out our own mess, then and only then should we think about helping others!

Personally, I would not be giving any money to my neighbour if my own children were starving!
This certainly isn't rocket science (whether we have a space program or not!)

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