Thursday, 14 April 2011

Things can only get better?

Bet's being taken on when Pool Street is completed is only the tip of the iceberg.
What happens to the residents of Pool Lane if there is an emergency?
With no room for the fire service or ambulance, in a life or death scenario valuable time would be lost in gaining access to help in and emergency situation.
Surely this cannot be legal?
Surely there is a better way for the work to be carried out?
If anyone died, who would be responsible? The council or the contractor?
As humans we have rights. as humans we have the right for emergency teams to get to us if we need them. Over the last four weeks residents at Pool Lane have had cause to contact the council and contractor on numerous occasions.
I personally received profanities from one worker when asked how to get home. No one cares and no one speaks to us. The council tells us one thing (eventually) and the contractor does another. If I have to name names then I will.
Watch this space folks. Methinks things are going to get better!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree, but also have a look at Palace Street. They have put bollards set in concrete at the top of the street. If there should be a fire in Palace Street the Fire Brigade would not be able to get through.