Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fountain debate

So the council wants to move the old fountain a few feet!
Is it me or is this just insane?

I mean, Hywel Roberts got his photo in the paper again by saying it would make people think there was something of interest up Pool Street!!!

My God who are these people?

Does he seriously think that moving the remains of the old fountain will make a blind bit of difference to Pool Street? Pool Street certainly needs an injection of something, but it certainly isn't moving an old fountain!

In reality the question still remains, why did they move it to the top of Pool Street in the first place?

The fountain is an important part of the town's history and is the symbol of the achievements of Sir Llewelyn Turner who brought clean water to the people of Caernarfon following a cholera epidemic. The fountain was built on the Maes in 1868.

But what we have today is only the centre piece, so where is the rest of the fountain?

Those of you who remember the old fountain in all it's glory will also remember it fully operational and much better than the water feature we have on the Maes at present. It had a wide base which collected all the water, very much like the ones in Trafalgar square (but smaller).

The current water feature is a magnet for children who play in it whilst their parents watch on. Another accident waiting to happen methinks.

Does anyone else (except for Hywel) think that moving the fountain a few feet towards Boots will make a blind bit of difference to Pool Street? What a total waste of money, perhaps a freedom of information request to the council will divulge what this extravagance is costing?

Come on councillors, get your act together and make Caernarfon proud again.

Silly spending on useless projects like this, beggars belief.

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Cottages in Pembrokeshire said...

Sadly, this kind of nonsense goes on all over the country it seems!