Monday, 9 May 2011

Parking Mad!

What I saw this week beggars belief!
The story goes like this......

A visitor parks his car on the Maes and stops a parking warden for assistance.

He asks:

"Where is the Pay and Display machine?" I heard the warden reply. "This is not a car park! This is a pedestrian zone!"

The visitor looked round and you could see in his face that he was indeed confused. He was looking at the 20 or so vehicles parked on the Maes and I bet he was wondering, If this is a no parking zone, then why is the warden not doing his job and booking these cars?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If Gwynedd wanted the Maes to be car free then they would order their parking wardens to book EVERY car on the Maes.

So why isn't it happening? Can it be because, if they do, then they are cutting off a nice little earner for themselves?
Very soon, drivers would stop parking on the Maes and Gwynedd would lose thousands of pounds a year in parking fines.
By booking a percentage and leaving the rest alone, they ensure a steady return of those who got away.
Can any of you think of a better reason????

I am on record as saying there will be a death on the Maes, if something isn't done about the Maes. I pray to God I am wrong.

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Dylan Jones said...

I have suggested to Cyngor Gwynedd that making the ground floor of the Penllyn multi storey a disabled only zone would solve this, however as it would deprive the council of revenue, don't expect it to happen.

£2.5 Million spent on what has become a 20 space car park... that's £125.000 per space! Value for money again by the Assembly!