Thursday, 12 May 2011


In the news lately and for the last year or so for that matter, is the problem of funding our museums.

These include the Roman and Maritime museums and artifacts. The two venues are relatively small are situated in different locations in the town. So, if funding one of them was a problem, then funding two of them doubles the cost does it not?

We have been told time and time again that if no funding was found then they would have to close both venues.
It seems that this day has arrived and neither museum will open this summer.

So, what to do?

Could I suggest that this would be a good time for the Town Council to open it's doors to the public?

Having worked closely for many years with the former Town Clerk Mr Vernon Pierce, (we were the first ever to put the council online) I know that the Institute building has a wealth of historical artifacts that are often not seen by the public.
We have a fantastic chamber to show off, as well as the old baths under the building.

With all this in mind, isn't it possible to combine all three establishments under one roof and make it available during the summer months?

I understand that most museums are free in the UK (but not all) and there is always a way around this and charging a small fee to see all three museums at one venue would be the way forward.
A room or even the empty shop under the offices (this has been empty for three years plus) could be used for the purpose and gifts / mementos could be sold to help fund the venture.
We are very lucky in Caernarfon as we have many historians who would love to be a part of this and added to local volunteer staff, this could be a great new visitor attraction for Caernarfon. I know of the Local Resident Historians Gwydion have numerous exhibitions which would add to the venture. The proceeds could benefit the town!

This could be the solution to the problem and add a little bit more to the visitors experience of Caernarfon.

York does it, why can't we?

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Anonymous said...

on a visit to Caernarfon some years ago I grabbed the opportunity to visit the cells and the old courts. what a great opportunity it would represent to amalgamate all the museums in one location and a safe place for custody of some of the treasures under lock and key. I don't know whether the building was sold if not this might just be an opportunity for the town.
Hen gofi yn wreiddiol o Gaernarfon.
Alwyn Parry