Friday, 2 July 2010

Caernarfon Town FC

How sad to hear that Caernarfon Town and their manager have parted their ways. I was one of many who really enjoyed the recent mini series on TV following the Canaries. I hope that the new board can make a good appointment as the Town looks forward to their first new season under the new owners.
Running a football team can't be easy and with money an issue, the Canaries need all the help they can muster. I, for one hope that someone like Gerald Parry will be approached as with his experience, he would be a great choice to try and get Caernarfon on the path to winning ways.
I am not sure if he would consider the role, but cannot think of anyone else who could do a good job with local talent.
I wish the new board all the best for the coming season and hope they find a worth manager to take us back to where we belong. Come on the Canaries!


Anonymous said...

CTFC can't have Gerald, we need him at Wanderers! ;)

Caernarfon Online Editor said...

Oops! Treading on toes LOL! Sorry I was unaware he was with Wanderers. But just goes to show, he is indeed thought of highly by Wanderers and me.
If he is taken, who would you suggest takes over at CTFC?

Anonymous said...

Gerald is currently our Under 18's coach and led them to the final of the North Wales Coast Cup in their first season, losing unluckily to a very good Glan Conwy side in the final. He is an excellent motivator and, like you, I think very highly of him. (Even though we disagree on many things political! LOL)

I'm not sure who should take over at the Oval,or who would want to with all the current instability at the club. but I think it must be a local choice.

Like yourself, I wish CTFC all the best of luck in their search for a successor to Ger Bach.


Caernarfon Online Editor said...

I wasn't trying to poach him honest LOL. He would be an ideal replacement but no doubt Arfon and the boys have someone in mind.
As for political differences. I would say we are pretty close. I am not a Tory, but you would certainly get my vote if you stood for election Dylan.