Monday, 5 July 2010

Bangor Street and the Celtic Royal letter

Caernarfon Online recently published the concerns of the Celtic Royal Hotel (see above link) and to be quite honest I hadn't realised how run down Bangor Street has become. We have touched on it in the past but, living here and seeing the streets every day you tend to accept things as they are and not notice how run down things have become.

Bangor Street in particular is beginning to look like parts of old Scotland Road in Liverpool, with premises boarded up all along the street, AND ON WHAT USED TO BE THE APPROACH ROAD INTO TOWN.

Time and time again, business owners on Bangor Street have expressed their concerns. Ty Bach Twt, Caernarfon Pine, Soled Out, Adfer, Bruce Edwards Prince of Wales and ATS have all closed down. Surely this can't be just because of the recession??? Surely there is more to this and perhaps the warnings of the business owners may have some substance?

It must be aggravating for the Celtic Royal Hotel as they strive to give visitors the very best experience whilst visiting our town, only to have boarded up buildings right opposite them.

The two photos above show just how derelict buildings attract fly tipping. Not an image vistiors want to see.

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