Thursday, 9 December 2010

Driving People Away

Now that the plans for the' Caernarfon By Pass' has reared its ugly head we see that the main point of having this road is to drive people around instead of to Caernarfon. In my opinion this is a totally stupid and unacceptable plan.
Make it difficult for people to get here and they won't! This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

The same has happened in Caernarfon over and over again. Our resident Historian T Meirion Hughes is on record as stating the death of trading in town is down to the Train Station being removed.
Following the removal of the station, Caernarfon had to endure a 'fly over' or inner relief road which also served to deviate from the town.
More recently we've seen the one way system on Bangor Street help close down shops in the centre. What next?

Well shocking as it may seem, a venture, supposed to attract visitors into town is said to be driving people away from it.
Local shop keepers are up in arms that the Land Train owned and run by John Thirsk is killing trade in their shops. Many of them have complained to the council but at the moment it seems to be falling on deaf ears.
The Chamber of Trade are sitting on the fence on it.

Personally, I do not like the train. As a driving instructor I have been stopped unnecessary by the train when approaching the town centre, having already stopped at the zebra crossing.
I was appalled whist covering the official lighting of our Christmas tree for the website last week when I witnessed someone on the trains loudspeaker advertising across the ceremony.
This was totally unacceptable and many people present were disgusted with the hard sell.

In my personal opinion the train is an accident waiting to happen and (I hope I'm wrong) soon we may see a fatality as the train drives up a congested Pool Street and down a narrow lane for Pool Side, when other vehicles are not allowed. This is ludicrous!
I ask this? How can driving people away from the town centre help our businesses?

Come on Chamber of Trade, stop ducking out and support the businesses who've complained. Or are you ignoring them simply because they are not members?
Or perhaps is it just because the same Mr John Thirsk is currently your acting chairman following the suicide of the former chair?

People wouldn't complain without reason now would they?

Caernarfon needs help and it needs it fast!

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