Saturday, 7 July 2007

Politics -who needs it?

I have never understood politics or politicians - and I hope I never do!

When you think something is set in stone, you find it is actually set in jelly.
Why am I talking gibberish?
Well I thought I'd join in with the others when I found that Plaid have just elected to have another candidate take the place of one who has been established in his seat for 20 years!!!!
A very clever and cunning move???

I must be missing the point here as I don't have a clue what's going on....
Can anyone explain it to me?

In brief:

1. Richard Morris Jones is the elected councillor for the Menai Ward in Caernarfon and has been for nearly 20 years.

2. Plaid chose another candidate to stand for his seat in next years elections.

3. The candidate they chose lost the election on another ward.

4. Plaid now face losing their seat and a long standing party member to the Independents.

5. The councillor who holds the seat 'foul mouths' his party in a popular Welsh Magazine
Has the world gone crazy? There must be more to this than meets the eye..... mustn't there?

We know that not all Plaid members/councillors are happy with an alliance with Labour and that not all the Labour members/councillors are happy with it either, but what other alternative did they have without losing everything?

Surely this is not enough to cause this split? Is it?

And the lame excuse that candidates has a better chance to win the election if they live on the ward doesn't wash either. It never has and never will.
It makes no difference if one candidates lives half a mile from the ward and the other is on the ward.
As I'm sure it makes no difference if any of the candidates don't come from Caernarfon..... Does it?

This extraordinary saga is only the tip of the ice berg, which could be disastrous to both parties.

Plaid could lose their seat if Richard Morris Jones decides to run and is popular with his constituents.

Plaid could then lose him as a Town Councillor and his wife (if she decides to stand by him in protest). Which means two town councillors less for Plaid. (Not that anyone takes notice of the Town Council any more, a council with no powers and made a laughing stock over a four year old buffet, but that's another story).

Richard Morris Jones could stand as an Independent and learn that people have been voting for the party all these years (and not for the man), and subsequently loses his seat.

If he stands as an Independent, will this mean that he will then lose the support of his fellow Plaid Councillors and not elected Mayor next year. (He is currently the Deputy Mayor).

He could also lose his seat on the town council (who?) if people have been voting Plaid and not the man.

What is certain is that if Richard Morris Jones steps down as a member of Plaid (of which he has been a part of since he was 14 yrs of age). Then Plaid will almost definitely put up another candidate to fight for the seat on the town council.
Complicated stuff, but the fact remains, Plaid think they have a better chance with a candidate who lost the last election on the Seiont Ward (3rd) than with a candidate who has served the ward for nearly 20 years!

Which raises the question. why doesn't Labour put up two time loser Tecwyn Thomas for election on the Menai Ward, He has tried unsuccessfully nearly everywhere else!!!!!

Politics eh? Who needs it?

Richard Morris Jones must feel that he's been stabbed in the back, not a nice feeling I can tell you!

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