Monday, 16 July 2007

Shame, Shame, Shame!

Hi Everyone,

At the weekend I was working, covering the Veteran's day for the website and enjoyed the day immensely.
Despite some hitches due to people going to the wrong place for the service etc, the event itself was a well presented with the Veterans and old Comrades there in force!

Old soldiers proudly wearing their polished medals, senior citizens with polished boots and the forces pulling out all the stops in making it a day to be remembered.
People had travelled from all over North Wales to be present on the day.
Nearly all the guests were well turned out, councillors and dignitaries in smart clothes including dresses and suits for the women and ties and jackets for the men. All except one that is!

More than one person commented that Councillor Arnold Bohana had made little or no effort and turned up in his casual everyday wear. Many in the crowd passed remarks with one was even commenting that it was "disrespectful of those who had fought for our freedom".

His attire was more suited to a night at the pub or a football match and this should make the council, mayor or whoever demand that councillors should adhere to a smart dress code as representatives of out town. It seemed that everyone else had made an effort.

Perhaps by naming and shaming, this will not happen again and never should it!

I hope Mr Bohana makes a noise about this article as it highlights his lack of effort.
Shame on him and perhaps a message to the Town Council here?

I would like to point out that all the other councillors had made an effort, mayors and officers of high standing were present (which unfortunately showed him up even more).

Civic duties like this should demand that our councillors turn out in smart dress. But then again they shouldn't need telling should they?

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