Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Shame - Shame - Shame again!

Hi Everyone,
Just having highlighted the very disappointing attire of Councillor Arnold Bohana at the Veteran's Day Ceremony. I find that he may be forgiven, for it seems he is in keeping with the disappointing look the town is developing.

Many of you have emailed COL again and again to complain about the state our streets at weekends.
Not one to frequent the town's pubs anymore, I don't often venture out on a Saturday night. Even less so when the footie season starts back.

This weekend though, I went down to cover the 'Beating the Retreat' at Slate Quay for the website.
You can see a video of it on Caernarfon Online plus some photos of the day as well.

However, on the way home I was amazed to see how much mess had been thrown on Pool Street! This was not down to the ceremony as this was not in Slate Quay!

And it's no good blaming the council for not clearing the mess..... We, the citizens of this town are ultimately responsible!
Who are these louts who trash out streets each week?
What's the point of business owners trying to make their premises look nice if this is how WE treat our streets?

We should be proud of our town and we should all try to set a good example to others (are you listening Arnold?).

Just look at the photos I took...... Are you proud to say you live in a town like this?
We should ALL be trying to make a difference, from our councillors to our kids.

Next Time you louts - BIN IT!

By the way well done to the proprietors of the Ship and Castle on Bangor Street.

Last week they finished a fine paint job on the building at it really looks good on the High Street. It's a shame that other people don't have as much pride and litter the town so much.

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