Sunday, 5 August 2007

Faenol Competition

Hi Everyone,

Well, if you are like me, you will be looking forward to this year Faenol Festival with great anticipation. Once again local boy Bryn has pulled out all the stops to make this years event one to top even the last one.

How can you follow up West Life? Simple, by having Girls Aloud, Jamelia AND Shane Ward on the same billing and that's only the opening night!

Once again we plan on giving you all the photos as they happen. Newspapers can't compete, because of their limited space and deadlines. Our Feanol coverage has been well received by our visitors every year and we plan on making this year's coverage the best yet!

If you haven't done so already check out our coverage website on to read up on what's happening and the stars profiles etc.

This year we are lucky enough to be able to offer you two free tickets for EVERY night (including seated tix for the Girls Aloud concert!)

However, we did not expect such a massive response as we have up to now, with people from ALL OVER the UK entering. We have literally received hundreds of entries and we will announce the winners on our Faenol website after the closing date (18th Aug). If you haven't entered yet then there is still time and remember only one entry per address. We received 50 entries from one person (unfortunately only one can be accepted).

We have also asked people to tell us which night they would like tickets for and this is how the percentage works out to date:

38% opt for Girls Aloud, 30% for the Musicals, 18% for the Opera Evening and 14% for Tan y Ddraig.

The figures doesn't necessarily mean that this is how ticket sales are going, it merely shows what OUR visitors want.

Best of luck to all of you who have entered and we look forward to seeing you there on the night.

See you all sooooon!

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