Sunday, 5 August 2007

North Wales People

Hi Everyone,
What a breath of fresh air. A brand new paper/magazine for the area and all done by a local lad.
Ian Edwards a former journalist with The Herald has just launched his brand new paper called North Wales People!
Refreshing and colourful, the venture looks like becoming a really good seller as it covers locals from different parts of the community.

For far too long Caernarfon has had to rely on one media for the town. Then came Gwynedd Leader (which later changed to the Bangor and Caernarfon Chronicle).
Caernarfon Online was set up in 1999 followed quickly by Papur Dre (our very own local Welsh paper) and then came publications such as Gwynedd Council's own magazine delivered free to all homes, and now we have this excellent publication N W People.
I hope you will all embrace it as much as you have done COL and Papur Dre!

The new paper is out every month and we hope to let you know what's going in the next issue here on the town's website as soon as we hear from Ian each month.

Copies can be bought at nearly all the good Independent paper sellers and costs just 65p!
If you have problems getting your copy, then email us here at COL and we will make sure you get one. (Same applies to Papur Dre).
All that's left for me to say is Da Iawn Ian! and wish him all the best with his new business.

See you soon!

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