Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Faenol Festival

Hi everyone!
Well, what a weekend! Only now recovering from one of the best ever festival's held at the Faynol.
Before I go on I'd like to thank the following people for their help and participation during the event.
First of all a big thanks to Bryn Terfel for putting on yet another wonderful show. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the first night and the Musicals evening.
Thanks also to Angharad Wynne who looked after us all every evening. A true professional and made life as easy as possible for us in the photo pit and backstage.
Thanks also goes to all the photographers present who shared a joke and a chat whilst waiting for the acts to come on. A special thanks to Gerallt who gave me some advice on cameras, apertures, shutter speeds and lenses.
Finally not forgetting Kev bach and Zowie from Champion fm for keeping Meriel company whilst I was taking photos.

Those of you lucky enough to be there on any evening no doubt enjoyed yourselves immensely and we can only look forward to next year's event. How Bryn will top this year's performance is had to comprehend, but this he has to do and this he has done year after year.

In Brief: my thoughts:

1st night
Jamelia looking good in casuals (because her costume had been damaged in transit).
Shayne Ward singing the Darkness classic
Being able to go backstage to take photos of Shayne and Bryn
Girls Aloud for being Girls Aloud!

Down side:
Only being allowed to take photos of Jamelia and Girls Aloud during the first three songs. This is a nightmare for photographers as everyone is looking for a good shot and with the spotlights constantly shining directly in your face, obtaining a good shot in a short space of time is made more difficult.

2nd night
Being able to take your time with photos and allowed to take photos with no restrictions.
Being able to go backstage to take photos of Bryn with all the Opera Stars.

Down Side
Having no 'culture' and not being a fan of Opera!

3rd night
Brilliant performances by everyone
Michael singing the Queen classic 'Show must go on'
The none stop link from song to song

Down side
The cold weather and no large size sweat shirts left to buy at the market stalls!

4th night
Receiving a pass to the BBC Cymru hospitality Marquee for drinks and a welcome reception
The awesome entrance from Bryn Fon including a rain coat, hat and umbrella (in anticipation of rain!!!)
The second stage for acts, so that the main stage could be set up for the next act, thus ensuring continuity.
No restrictions on photo taking
The fantastic response given by the audience to local band Frisbee

Down Side
Not enjoying the 'Welsh music scene' as much as everyone else present

Marks out of Ten?


Well done Bryn, once again you did us proud!

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