Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The World Cup
Here is something I have really been looking forward to for four years. The World Cup!
Like many of us here in the North, I hate the ""South Walian" game of Rugby, even with a name like Gareth Edwards (no I wasn't named after him) but I love the game of the Gods - Football!
It's such a shame Wales failed to qualify yet again, but it sure won't stop me watching it all from start to finish. (If any of you guys are trying to give me a call and it goes straight to answerphone, then chances is that a game is on).
Like many others, we will all be glued to the TV many hoping for an England disaster! Personally I would like to wish our neighbours all the best and hope they do well (after all we are all Brits aren't we?) Roooo- ne---ey!
Whoever wins, we can all look forward to the next tournament in four years time when hopefully Wales will have got their act together at long last and will qualify for the first time since the 50's (when we qualified by default!)
If facilities in Wales were better, then perhaps we would breed better players? Without investment in our youth, we will never amount to much..... and personally (again) I feel having the league of Wales has done very little to build our talents.
I was sorry to see Caernarfon Town having to play as "exiles" all those years ago and have always thought it was the beginning of the end for our beloved CTFC.
Let's hope that the 2010/11 season will be good for our local side and we can once more rebuild from our disastrous 09/10 season.
Come on the World Cup and come on the Canaries! We wish the new Board all the best in making Caernarfon Town a top team in Wales once again!
By the way, there has been a warning issued by the council that, some very bad and stupid drivers will be visiting Wales over the next four weeks so please watch out for them!
However, you shouldn't worry though, as they will all be easily recognisable - they'll be carrying a white flag with a red cross on it.

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