Monday, 21 June 2010

Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa

OK, OK, hands up, I know I should have done it before now, but at long last I have.
At the grand old age of 48 years old, I scaled the heights of England & Wales' tallest mountain!

I was sick of hearing over and over again Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles going on and on and on about his trek up Kilimanjaro, months after he achieved it, but didn't realise at the time how much of a feat it actually was.
Now I know I cannot possibly compare Snowdon to the Himalayas, but for me it may have very well have been!

I wouldn't consider myself unfit (far from it) but karate training isn't the same as mountain walking/climbing.

The effort was well worth it though and as the two linked photos show, the views were breathtaking.

If you've never done it, then I urge you to do so, but do it before you get to 50!!!
Check these photos out!

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