Saturday, 11 September 2010


Many of you may have heard or read that the closing date for the up and coming local elections has now passed and that names have now been submitted.

There are three different elections taking place, one for the vacant Town council seat on the Cadnant ward and two for the vacant Gwynedd and Town council seats on the Seiont ward.

Many of you may already be aware that I have put my name down for election on the Seiont Ward.
I would therefore like to take this opportunity in wishing everyone who is up for election the very best and promise readers that this is all I intend to blog on it.

In the interest of fair play, I will not try to influence anyone on the Caernarfon website but will blog as normal. There will be no reference to the election itself on this blog until after the election.
Caernarfon Online may post updates to news about the election if and when we receive them from Gwynedd Council.

I hope you all understand.

Gareth Edwards

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