Friday, 13 August 2010

Karate Kid

The new film Karate Kid has re opened a part of me which I had long forgotten. I remember the original film and the impact it had on youngsters all those years ago. As a 5th Dan karate instructor I was so pleased to see the film re introduced to a new audience and once again no doubt get kids off their backsides and back into the training halls (Dojo's).
I am one of the many instructors in the area who are concerned about the bad name direct debit contracts give the martial arts.
People keep telling me that karate at some places cost as much as £60 per month plus extras!!! This saddens me as I am one of the old school instructors who teach kids because I can, not to line my pockets.
Please take a few minutes to click on this link and if you know of anyone who is paying a kings ransom to learn karate then let them know they don't have to. 1 1/2 hour lessons can cost as little as £3.50 and are available here in Caernarfon. Download the token from the page (link) above and gain two free lessons and free membership until Dec 2010!!! No catch, no hidden fees and strictly no direct debits.


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