Wednesday, 12 May 2010

We all get what no one wanted - Is this Democracy?

Not having any real political preference (I vote for whoever I think will do the best job regardless of he Party) I can't really get my head around what we've now got!

Now don't get me wrong I am not a Liberal or Tory hater and neither am I a Plaid hater, I am not a Labour lover either for that matter! But it seems strange to me that in Arfon only 35% of us wanted Plaid Cymru in power but Plaid Cymru we have.
In London we didn't want a Hung Parliament, we voted the Lib Dems in THIRD and what do we get?
We have Nick Clegg as Deputy PM and loads of Lib Dems in the Cabinet??? (Better than Thorpe in the closet I guess) Added to that we have unsuccessful former leader William Hague back in the frame as new Foreign Secretary!!!

What on earth is going on?

Years ago I remember an episode of Auf Wiedersehen Pet.
I don't know if you remember it, but it was a gang of brickies trying to put bread on the table by working abroad.
To cut a long story short.. In one episode the guys were trying to work out what paint they needed to "steal/borrow" to paint the inside of their hut (where they lived). They decided to have a vote on it and chose Yellow!
None of them were happy, so they asked who on earth voted yellow?
When they re counted the votes they realised no one had actually voted yellow as their first choice.
But as there wasn't a clear winner, the second and third choice colours were added to the poll. Low and behold, yellow then came top.
The punch line was "That's democracy for you, no one gets what everybody wants"

Rings a bell?
By the way we will have to do it again on the first Thursday in May 2015 - Can't wait!

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