Saturday, 24 April 2010

Long time no Blog!

Well, well, well - Long time no see. I'm sorry I haven't been updating the blog for quite some time, but I have been very busy lately and I find I must prioritise things better.

I do however plan to blog on a more regular basis and here is the first in quite a while.

The Royal Visit (I've noticed that Dylan Jones Conservative has blogged the same issue, apologies for this, it was just a coincidence)

I am no Royalist but at the same time neither an I ab Anti Royalist.

It is a bit like religion for me. I am neither a strong believer or an atheist.
Therefore I see this weeks visit to our town by our Queen as a wonderful opportunity for the town to cash in. Hundreds upon hundreds of people will no doubt be coming to town and I sincerely hope all goes well and with out incident by extremists!

What's wonderful about this country of ours is that we have free speech and free choice. What we do have to be careful about however, is that we don't try and force our beliefs on others.

Time after time I try my best to give it as it is on COL and sometimes this upsets people. I always try to balance arguments by asking both sides to comment yet have been taken aback by some people who still take it the wrong way. Mind you, this ofeten balances out with the many emails and phone calls I receive congratulating me on this that or the other.

But, getting back to the Queen's visit, the way some of these extremists are reacting, you'd have thought Osama Bin Laden was arriving! Thank God we don't all feel the same as them!

Queen Elisabeth is the Head of State, the head of the UK and the Commonwealth.

I therefore have no time with people who insist Wales is not a part of this.

Caernarfon is surviving because of the castle and its history.

Whatever the history books tell us. The castle may well have been built by an English King to keep the Welsh out.

But, these days, it's there to attract tourism and we (the people of Caernarfon) can enter it for free, whilst the English have to pay. Sweet! Don't you think?

I hope "we" do not show ourselves up on Tuesday as the world's media will be upon us once more.

I doubt very much if the Queen enjoys these kinds of visits at her age. It's something she has to do and you know what? She's damned if she does and dammed if she doesn't.

So lets welcome her here with open arms, fly our Welsh Dragons and embrace her visit.

I am also, so pleased to see the shops once again proudly displaying the Welsh flags I recommended the Chamber bought back in may day as their Chairman.

Nice to see they embraced my idea then and still use it today.

So all I can say, is God save the Queen and Cymru am Byth!


eirwen said...

Can the Mayor or anyone else please tell me why the Queen's route into the square was changed yesterday, I along with hundereds of others were disapointed (many school childeren who had been given the morning off), was it a last minute decision or were we used as a decoy in order to smuggle her into the castle? we were told by a policeman she would be arriving around 10.30, at 10.35 another policeman came round to tell us she was already in the castle and that she would appear on the balcony in 5 minutes, She did, but like a flash she was gone.

Caernarfon Online Editor said...

Hi Eirwen,
I'm afraid the Mayor was not involved in the change of route and would have no knowledge of it. I was told that it was down to safety reasons with extremesits threatening to do something untoward.
A case of the minority spoiling it for the rest of us.
It's ridiculous that people find the need to protest about something like this. I am sorry you were let down.