Thursday, 13 March 2008

Welsh Football

In a week that could see Wales win the Grand Slam we see a Welsh football side making it to the Semi Finals of the FA Cup.
Cardiff City may well make it to the final they previously won back in 1926 when they beat Arsenal.
Cardiff it seems is a law into themselves as they choose to play in the English League and totally snub the Welsh Premier and Welsh FA Cup.
Even if Cardiff win the English FA Cup, they will not be entered in the European competition as Cup winners because the English FA cannot endorse them as they are a Welsh Team and the Welsh FA cannot endorse them as they have not won a Welsh Cup???

What a scenario!

Both Colwyn Bay and Caernarfon Town FC were exiled from playing at home for years because they refused to join the Welsh Premier League. After years of wrangling and loss in revenue as well as court costs, Caernarfon Town FC backed down and joined the Welsh League. By then the team was depleted and cash was hard to come by.

Caernarfon was a team who reached the 3rd Round of the FA cup all those years ago, were down and out following their exile and they have NEVER fully recovered.

The weekend epitomised all this when a lowly 79 turned out to support the Canaries. (and who says they were ALL home fans?)
Another bad season has resulted in low gates and lack of support from a local Town Councillor only served to rub salt in the wound.

We all know how bad the standard of Welsh football is and playing in this 'third rate league' has resulted in Caernarfon Town reaching their lowest ever state.
Cardiff City’s success in the English FA only proves that Caernarfon should have stuck to their guns and fought this ridiculous rule.
A rule that forbid them to play on their own pitch, just because some bureaucrat told them they had to take a backward step and join a lesser league.

The question is why do Wrexham, Swansea and Cardiff get away with it? While the Canaries have to suffer gates of only 79 supporters?

Al l I can say is that I hope Cardiff win the English FA Cup!
Now that would be in ‘your face to the Welsh FA’ wouldn’t it?

Best of luck to The Welsh National Rugby side on Saturday!

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